Friday, 29 June 2012

Give me some old school

Two people inspired or should i say exacerbated this post because i had it in mind but i just....#shakes head#
#scolds meself# Just write something babes!!!!!

Thanks to Simply me and Ay who share my taste in old school music, I'm glad I'm not the only one on this boat. music of those days made sense y'know. some were not even gospel singers..

True confession; most of the old school songs i loved were not gospel and i'm not even a good dancer but i can do the "running man".(thats for when we're fooling around oo)..LOL..or snap my fingers and do that groovy thing those old school people were doing those days.
sheesh!! would wonder where on planet earth do i reside...or rather what world am i operating in.. i even love movie soundtracks (sometimes the movie might be crap but the soundtrack might just end up being nice),

Point; i listen to good songs that edifies, motivates and is worth the time", and please HAVE good lyrics., not blabbing about Fame and Sex, thank you

Boney M...
I'm black and i still find it amusing that this group of musicians were created by a German producer.. imagine that (i think of Germany and all i can reflect back to is the Nazi time or Hitler) yet i didn't do history oo
Am i the only one on this boat?...who thinks of Germany as hitler?,or Nazi,,anyone else?....#covers face#
I just loved the way Boney M dropped a song like its hot. i hear them singing ''By the rivers of babylon, Mary's boy child, Brown girl in the ring (I loved this song ehn..especially when they get to the part.."show me your motion, tra la la la la"), Daddy cool, Take the Heat off me, and their Christmas compilation songs
where are all those instruments they used those days. those guys were some cool stuff o...with their Hipster pants and all sorta accessories.LOL

Whitney too was one of my favorite and her death was so sad. one thing i love about black people is that when they sing e.g the likes of Donna summers, Patti Labelle, (please remind me if you know any), most especially Whitney(I'll always love you, i wanna dance with somebody, Greatest love of all), they can in they can add drama to their song ehn, if you're not careful, you'll get left behind if you're singing with them. such strong voices.
you need to hear Damita Haddon singing "it all belongs to you.''
Dolly Patton's coat of many colors has that soft touch of music that makes you smile
sometimes, i must confess thats what i love in music, the in you'll feel the person singing the song ehn, you'll be like "whoa! easy on that one sugar!..loool'
see kirk Franklin and the rest,  i don't think there's any song he has sang that he doesn't jump about.loool..(k..apart from imagine me sha)
Is there any wonder i feel that babe..Jordin sparks" she has such a strong voice, you need to hear her songs and the passion contained within
not just shouting oo, cos shouting without passion is just serious noise making

i don't know how many people remember Chaka chaka that sang.."thank you Mr. Dj for playing my song''...Essien's "seun rere", 
And isn't that what music is about, it's for the soul, its much more than lyrics and entertainment, it should motivate, inspire and make you forget your sorrows, make you laugh and realize that there's so much more to life than the madness and trauma. it should remind you of that Love that's still present and our ability to love even when the world's own has waxed cold
but its so sad that these days, the songs we hear tend to be shallow and superficial, no in-depth anything, just there sha...

 The second group of ol' school peeps I love is ABBA
now these guys are cool and the song i don't think i can ever stop loving is "Dancing queen.''
as in i don't think anyone will hear that song and wont dance or move or in the song is ...lets call it groovy..#biggrin#
My Best part.(you know that part where you've been keeping quiet due to formality and you cant contain it anymore and you just sing loud, happy with yourself , well, here it goes ''you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life...oohhhh..see that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen.''

They have this one too."i have a dream....i believe in angels" and this one is inspirational big time. the good thing is that most contemporary artiste's re-sang these songs and so, we listen to their music with more sophisticated instruments
so many other old school peeps but i think I'll stop here for now and leave you with ABBA's Dancing Queen


  1. Yeah, I really like Dolly Parton's country style..she recently starred in a movie- Joyful noise. She was beautiful

    Whitney will be missed.... I remember that Yvonne chaka chaka song
    I don't think I can ever get over my love for ABBA. The 'mamma mia' movie even helped me discover more of their songs I didn't know existed.

    1. 'Tis good to know I partly inspired this post. thanks for the mention

    2. you're very welcome :) ay
      i haven't seen mamma mia movie o funny enough and wouldnt have guessed their songs were the main feature

  2. Oh my! we love the same songs! Oh my! i love them alll! 'gushing with excitement.
    Mehn! those were songs! They are classic. I mean why can't the new generation emulate them....oh! i forgot, thanks for the mention, excitement no let me coordinate the thoughts.
    If i can see where to buy the original CD of compilation of these songs, i will be very happy....i don't only listen and dance to gospel songs also...talking of gospel songs in Nigeria, they are all recycled...hence i am more attracted to the 'oyibo' christian songs...i simply pick one or two worship songs and memorize thm to be used for my daily worship...i bought a CD that compiled the best and i love it so much..that it now cracks due to over use!..ehehehe.
    An enjoyable post weldone.

    1. LOOOL...omg!!! will never seize to make me laugh sha
      yea, i dont know why i'm attracted to oyibo christian songs too o, prob bcos i feel their music more than the recycled ones in naija
      whoa!!! don play the CD sotay, the thing don scratch..loool
      i'm glad we like the same songs but i'm still cleaning my laundry oo.LOL.tanx fr d compliment, i appreciate

  3. Oh lawd. I was thinking of doing a post on this one. I been doing a lot of Obey & Sunny lately actually. Remember Onyeka's "wait for me" with sunny?

    I love the 70s, 80s & 90s. Don't even get me started. Some of the new school do it for me though like Jason mraz, Carrie underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Michel Buble, Florence & the machines, Will young, Bruno, Band Perry...

    P.S: I miss "don't forget the lyrics" show. Don't know why they stopped :(
    P.P.S: I think Hitler/Nazi too when I hear Germany :)

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    2. LOOOOL...yea i do remember onyeka's song with KSA...ahh...that song is so old..lool..
      awww Jason Mraz...., kelly's breakaway, Carrie's "Jesus take the wheel" and "dont forget to remember me"..., "lessons learned" etc..those are the ones i like in that her "Some hearts" album..:)
      Obey is back again but i guess he's now an evangelist. heard he gave his life to Christ one time like that
      ohh...#big sigh with glad i'm not the only one who thinks about germany in that sorta way...hehehehe(what do you think triggers that thought? Loooool
      tanx fr droppin by Toin

  4. Nothing like old school music. Yes!!


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