Monday, 25 June 2012

IDentity issues



Please show me your ID please?
This is in my head as I write this...
I was in the bus one day when I spotted a cool looking guy who donned a nice outfit. only that His outfit was a cliche and it made me flash back to one of D'banj's videos..
N.B...I'm not a fan and on a normal day, i wouldn't go looking for this man who loves to imitate Fela but as i would have it, His video located me. kudos to my cousin who has most of these songs that people listen to these days because count me out, I appreciate music when I hear your lyrics..., and mind you, the lyrics must be deep and not just some words like...lets go to the dance floor and shake our booty
We need more than shaking our booty in Nigeria.., even on planet earth
and we need good and sensible music that will make us reflect and not make people to keep drinking, raping people and breaking bottles

Was there any wonder I was formerly addicted to rock? Lyrics...lyrics...the artiste had his soul in the song...don't know which other way to explain this though
okay.., before i drift away from the main topic, i saw this guy's outfit or should i call it costume and then my mind flashes back to D'banj's dressing in His Oliver twist video
identity lost, all i can see when i look at this guy is D'banj!, D'banj!....D'banj!...oliver twist...sheeesh!!

where's the guy's own identity?

He's just a copycat, because He'll never be D'banj, (although I'm wondering what the guy sings anyway) not in this life or in the life to come.
And then I realized while i was discussing with someone that we love to look like someone and yet claim to be unique in our own way. Our sense of fashion, our sense of thinking and our mode of dressing have now been fashioned accordingly to what the world says and I'm like Hellooooo....have we been put in a zombie stage where we grope in the dark while some group of people dictates what we do, and what we wear and how we think and live
the individual i discussed with put it point blank that we have No form of identification anymore. when it comes to the Hair aspect(no offense and please don't aim the sniper at me oo abeg..LOL)..We rush for things that are not even ours in the first place. talk about Brazilian hair or Mexican hair or Human hair.
I hear Human hair and i'm like Whoa...lool...whose hair is that..right on my head..and I'm gonna sleep on my head carrying some form of hair on my head....#shudders#

This multicolored clothes people wear these days with the slippers..(i don't like things that are common. to me they already have a price tag..A general price tag when someone looks at you)

I hate looking like a price tag

I look at some guys with this carrot jeans and tight T-shirt with your boxers showing while your jeans is lowered and i'm like "whoa!!...hold it right there one wants to see your underwear...seriously!!!...' but it's the new fad in town. i see some guys dressed like this and my mind flashes to wizkid....
Identity lost...
I don't see you anymore, I see a child who got famous and who's rants about dancing whereas when people have not eaten, how will they party...or Someone singing about "his father being rich and you dare not stop Him"...and I'm like.."hello!!..whack!!...go get your own money dude!...your father's money cannot continue being your money silly!!''
Another thing that amazes me most is where do they get all these girls that dance in the Videos
one of my friends stated one time that she dared not pull that kind of stunt. her mother would kill her or was "disown" the word she used
Can't remember and I'm not even interested in that. all I'm interested in is that You get a life and keep your integrity, and stop copying people and be an original
So many copycats, so many people wanna belong and so many fit in yet just a few have their real Identity when I see them
When I look at you, I wanna see You for You, and not you looking like Beyonce or Rihanna or one of those celebrities who really need God in their life. Why can't the world choose to imitate you instead? And i hate when guys try comparing a girl to Beyonce..e.g A shape or body like Beyonce like she's some form of goddess or role model. that girl will never be like Beyonce and so Just Shut UP already!!..if you don't like her for who she is, then..., Adios amigos!!!..She's just being herself and stop pushing her to compromise
If you like, travel and go and marry Beyonce or whoever celebrity you wanna marry, but stop imposing your lust on women who have refused to follow a certain pattern of Hollywood's lies and respect them

And Ladies, please raise your tag and let them see your name and origin boldly written on it.
If you want a gladiator uniform, you already have it. in case you don't know or rather forgotten, you were enlisted as a soldier of Christ when you surrendered your life to Him
As for me, my Tag reads.."A Chosen generation, a Royal priesthood, A Holy nation.''
Do a double check and you'll see.."I am God's own"
what does yours read?

I'm not beefing ooo, but this had been on my mind for a while and i just thought I should share

N.B: for those that followed Lori's journal or rather got my gist in my Journal episode, check out the Lessons learned from Lori's journal(the last episode) that was where i gave my vote of thanks to every one because i noticed most of you didn't see it.
God bless you all darlings


  1. lol... I'm feeling you jor...

    My tag reads, "God is Love... Love loves me... I'm born of Love... I am Love"

    Feeling your shelfari by the way.

    1. thanks jare
      i dey gbadun your tag babes!!!..a big hi5 to that one
      and thanks again for feeling my shelfari!!...i appreciate it

  2. This is so on point. Most times we really get confused by what we see, and even get carried away.

    I must confess, I have those coloured slippers, and that's because they are rubber. They are actually very amazing when I have to walk around after the rain...

    1. yeah...we get so easily carried away with what fashion or rather the world is saying and we just love to tag along, whereas, we should stand out
      at least YOU wear those rubber slippers bcos of rain, and not because its the new fad in town...lool

  3. Hmmm...Preach!!!! I said preach!! I was lazing around yesterday and caught this fashion showon TV. I was like..."honestly, people pay hugs sums of money for a T-shirt just because some chinese person sewed some "star's" name on it? and why s this person a star sef? because she knows how to dance named?" Abeg carry go jo, I don't need a $2000 prada purse mehn!! And then we people wonder why we are constantly broke! Sorry...let me stop ranting. hehe

    1. ahhhhhn nawww..lool...why did you stop, me i was enjoying your gist ohhh.
      As in...its just the height, for that price. a purse or a tshirt.
      once its goodlooking and comfortable and decent, then it's okay by me. being excessive just isn't my thing...and i pray for self control sha, cos its so easy to get carried away

  4. Ps...thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!!!!

    1. you're most welcome ma'am!!!...and i would love to keep reading from you
      i loved the last post esp

  5. Thanks for visiting. Like your writeup. Hope to read more from you.

  6. Which coloured slippers are you guys talking about?

    Your post is really direct. No bouncing around. Its cool to be unique and not have an identity crisis, but not everyone can be that way, or else, the word unique won't exist anymore. Keep being yourself.

    Have you seen the details of the meetup I posted in the other blog? Check it here

    1. ahhnnn...havent you seen it on ppl's legs?...thats what ppl are wearing these days. you must have seen it but you were probably not interested cos its so common you'll find it hard to pass a street without seeing it on someone's leg

      i guess you're right about the unique thing though.
      abt the following naah...lool...and so I saw it immmediately i logged on. and i have the necessary details..thanksabunch..#biggrin#

    2. Atilola, please don't tell me you've not seen those slippers! Kai, they are everywhere. Some are even rubber.

      Don't mind them identity crisis peeps, a few years ago, it was colour riot and not fashionable. One fellow now woke up and renamed it colour blocking and all of a sudden, it's "in" again.

    3. lol...@ the colour blocking stuff. I've always wondered myself o. People will follow and wear anything, even though they look awful in it

    4. loool..@identity crisis peeps...
      as in seriously babes!!!!>..its that bad...ahn ahn...everywhere, people weraing the same thing. it just shows that fashion is a cycle. what goes around afterall comes around
      oh, so its colour blocking they call it...smh!!

  7. It's like you live in my mind sef...
    The music thing is very annoying. I once did a post on it and how it annoys me. You can check it out here;

    Personally I don't follow trends. Just because some new trend is 'reigning', does not mean I should tag along after it. Sometimes some trends are just annoying but some people still follow just for the sake of being current and accepted. For me it will be like I've lost my identity if try to keep up. What annoys me the most is that when I was in secondary school a lot of my class-mates made fun of people that wore 'mary amaka' clothes (as in long flowing gowns etc), but now everyone seems to be wearing similar stuff and it is accepted as trendy and classy

    People have real identity issues and recently I even got to think a lot about this topic when Unilag students were protesting the change of name of the school. While I was against the new name I was still aware of the fact that most of the students that protested the name change did so because the new name didn't sound 'tush' and for some I think they were really scared of losing their purported identity which they had built as 'lag' students (surface identity based on shallow things)when in fact what is much more important is what is inside, the quality of an individual, name change or not.

    Anyways I won't want to turn your comment box to my personal blog.
    Lemme better run away.

    Oh, and I don't like those multicoloured slippers, just because they're too common sha.

    1. AS in BABES!!!! are sooooo ON point!!!...and i felt sad sef that you didn't continue. me i was enjoying your comment big time ooo because you were so blunt and you Hit the nail on the head esp with that Lag thing too
      and the silly music ppl sing these days that don't make any Apako, Damiduro, pakurumo...etc...and they all talk about the same thing. if its not money and fame, its women and SEX...smh!!
      is that what music is all about?
      and the silly producers too keep promoting them. its no wonder our country still has issues
      loool...@the common multicolored slippers

    2. ive dropped a comment on your music post!!!
      i loved ur were so on point babes

    3. thanks:)
      If I continued I won't have finished sef, because I would have painted so many scenarios

  8. hmm this has also been on my mind too...sometimes i wonder what that scripture about we being modest in our dress means..cuz nowadays i dont see modesty..all i see is everyone trying to "show". nobody is being original anymore...

    all that follow trend ish has never been my style

    people say i am too kascho (whats the english for that) when it comes to all these things- fake eye lashes, fake nails, fake hair, revealing clothes...maybe I am and I am not against looking good and creme but where do we draw the line as christians?

    N.b i find the black font on brown hard to read

    1. loool @kascho...i dont know what that means in English oo..will ask sha
      i LOveee that part where You asked the question.."where do we draw the LINE as CHRISTIANS?'' cos its so pathetic seeing Christians do what the world is doing when we're meant to be the light of the world...i.e directing peoplr to the right way in this dark, crazy WORLD
      even me not into all those fake eyebrows, eyelashes..most esp the nails(now those ones creep me out) cos they remind me of
      i guess i wasn't born or rather brought up that way or it doesnt just fit into my profile i guess
      thanks for your comment, i really do appreciate it

    2. thanks for the notice...will try and work on it.
      it was giving me a little ish one time like that

  9. Gbam! so on point susgarspring.
    I have never being a fashion-conscious person, simply wear what i am comfortable in and suits my for music? if not for the internet, i won't know what is going oN, because i have lost interest over the years. I like songs from the 70's-80's that made sense and they dressed decently.I Overheard Smokey Robison song when i went to the shop 2 days ago, i stopped to listen..THIS IS MUSIC! I said to myself and not what we hear nowadays!
    Oh! that colored rubber slippers with balls or bows? It cost N2500 when it initially came out..then N2OOO, N1800....Now, it is N1500/1200! Dem neva jam! I always joke that if everyone was like me regarding fashion, many shops will close down ooo, because i no send..ahahahahahaha.
    The media is not helping issues...everything is glamourized! It is all done for Money! And people that don't have a strong will or personality are usually easily carried away.
    An enjoyable post...weldone :D

    1. me i love old school songs ooo...because they make sense more than these songs we hear these days
      LOOL...@ur fashion sense. as in they'll just pack up big time. and its good if you dress up to make yourself comfortable and happy and not because you want to join a clique or something
      thanks for your comment ma, i appreciate it


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