Sunday, 1 July 2012

Still cleaning Up my closet


It took me years to say "goodbye" to some songs and have i looked back ever since?
I'm a serious Work In Progress and do not pretend to be an Emblem of Perfection but i pray for grace to stand strong
And so when it was time to wave some of my favorite songs goodbye, i battled and battled and then something dropped into my heart that time that made me realize i could do it
believe me, i thought it was impossible, i thought i wouldn't survive
I mentioned it on one of my posts that i love rock and that was like half of my music collection
the days of Avril Lavinge( i thought i couldn't stop listening to this babe and when i stopped for a while, someone would just play one of her songs and that spark will just get ignited again and i would sigh and be like...#sad face#,

Evanescence(gothic looking chic) was another i had to quickly get out of my system. its a wonder that her lyrics actually depict what she's saying and yet it draws you closer to it and it's like you're drowning in an ocean of ectasy. this babe doesnt even hide her origin and i still have friends that dig her
you don't know how happy i am i broke free,
Linkin Park, you should see me whenever Numb was playing especially the one featuring Jay Z. as in i felt i was on top of the world
Three Doors Down, Green Day and anything else that has rock in it, be it soft rock or hard rock
and now i'm just realizing that people have different weaknesses and different addictions
All are still weaknesses,  no matter how tush we try to make it look. as long as God sees it as something you should get rid of, then no matter what anyboday says or What "YOU" think, "its still a cleaning up your closet process''
We can see a drug addict or some kind of addict and we'll be like.." i'm not like that person oh.., me my own is still better..''
and I'm like "whoa!...LOOL, who says?...You or God?
As far as God is concerned from the bible's point of view, Sin is Sin, Mr. A's area of weakness may be lying, while Mr. B's weakness might be cheating or stealing or fornication, Sin is Sin and so its better not to near anyone of them at all.
It's we humans that tend to classify(as usual)

and so what am i driving at with all of this?

We should be careful at how we judge others and try facing/minding our own weaknesses with God's mercy and Grace. it's not easy, but if I could get over my addiction to Secular Rock music with God's help, then everybody can overcome any of their weaknesses or addiction. Don't believe that lie that there's one superman or woman out there who doesn't have any weakness. Paul rather decided to boast in Jesus, and not in anything he had achieved and we all know majority of the letters in the New testament were written by Him.
He chose to be reminded of his weakness so that the tendency to start feeling "high" above others will die out. You remember that thorn of flesh God gave him..right?
therefore, i don't need to start giving explanation why God placed it right there, do I?
and so after I did away with my addiction to secular Rock Music (N.B: I had this wrong notion that christian songs were boring jor and what do they have to offer me apart from this popular Don Moen and these artistes people hype but with time, i've come to appreciate people that have dedicated their life to worshiping God.
i love Don Moen. That man's songs has a calming effect and there's no way you wont feel God's presence 
and then when I encountered Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp,Britt Nicole, Newsboys, Francesca batistelli, Warren Barfield, and other ones i don't remember now, I knew that "Yes, I've come to the right place in my faith and I want to continue with these guys and I realized that God wanted me to stop listening to some songs like the above because i tend to drift away easily and we need a constant daily reminder that God is closer to us than we think most especially when we are in times that lots of doubts assail and the world tells us otherwise, trying to drown us into its lies

I'm leaving you with a song that is the soundtrack of "Fireproof" one of those movies that I love cos it inspired me and made me realize that You can't say you Love God and not love your fellow brother or spouse. or rather, you cant say you want to Love someone and not Love God.
you can only give what you have received and His Love has he given us freely without any inhibition
And so, i leave you with Warren Barfield's "Love is not a fight.'' The song itself is wonderful
please, read the lyrics, let it touch you or heal you just as it did  for me and stay blessed
Happy reading

Love is not a place, to come and go as we please
it's a house we enter in, then come in to never leave
so lock the door behind you, throw away the keys
we'll work it out together, let it bring us to our knees

Love is a Shelter, in a raging storm
Love is peace, in the middle of a war
if we try to leave, may God send an angel to guard the door
No, love is not a fight, but it's something worth fighting for

To some, Love is a word that they can fall into
but when they're falling out, keeping their word is hard to do

Love will come and save us, if we'll only call
He'll ask nothing from us, but demand We give our all

i would fight for you..., would you fight for me?
it's worth fighting for
 The end

it gives us a thought to ponder on:
God fought to buy us back, would we do the same?
 so please pray for me oo, that i clean up my closet real good. wink***

p.s..i think the Warren Barfield guy is cute...lool..was just observing o, and quietly leaving :)


  1. When i saw the topic, i took it literally until i began reading and saw you met spiritually....yes, we all have our weakness and pleasures of the flesh which affects our growth in Christendom but through HIS grace and mercy will can discipline our flesh and overcome our weakness.
    Regarding judging others based on their weakness does not make one holier than the other in the presence of GOD since all our righteousness is like a filthy rag before HIM.

  2. I loved the movie Fireproof, i think everyone who's venturing into a relationship/marriage should see it - and i mean as a couple!

    I takes grace to understand and accept others with their weaknesses. Human nature is so judgemental, forgetting that we have all fallen short of HIS glory!

    1. it takes serious grace ooo, cos it even happens unconsciously sometimes and you'll be like..."oh, not again"
      thanks for dropping by. appreciate

  3. I can give you hundreds of Christian Rock music if you still want more sha.... lol.

    I no see you for saturday ooo. What happened?

    1. ive replied on ur naturalista blog oo
      fr real..hundreds of them...whoa!!!...kkkkk...i will have to calm down big

  4. I know what you mean. I loved the fireproof movie too. Classic

  5. you are very right on this fact ur posts remind me a lot about me when i started blogging years ago..i need to go back to that stage. sigh

    ok back to the post..i feel u o...God bless u for this post

    i loooveee Casting Crown, mercyme, jars of clay, newsboys (my favorite), jeremy camp. not familiar with Britt Nicole, Francesca batistelli, Warren Barfield. need to check them out.

    1. amen to your prayers and thanks for reading
      ahhh...jars of clay...forgot to add that//:) thanks

  6. Goshh, I can sooo relate with what you experienced. I am in this place right now and it feels like I wrote this post! Amazing. God strengthen your resolve, and I will check out Warren's song right now. Cheers!

    1. im glad you could relate to the post....and thanks
      God will strengthen my resolve IJN...amen

  7. Thanks for sharing this.
    I've seen "Fireproof", it's a very inspiring movie, loaded with positive message.
    Good luck with the closet cleaning, the Lord is your strength.

    1. ahhh...fireproof was nice. tot me some things about God and Love
      and thanks so much for your prayers and your dropping by
      you broke the chain of being busy!!...yay!!

    2. lol.
      Its a constant struggle my dear.

  8. i did some "closet cleaning" too on my playlist and my twitter Tl (by blocking some words) the music thing, im doing it gradually, now i have more gospel songs on my phone than before, and yeah gospel songs are interesting mehn.... i was so surprised oh..

    1. As in...bfr u cud hardly spot a christian song in my fone bt now in who would hv known christian songs were amazing.
      Its not easy cleaning up dearie bt am glad ure taking d bold step to do that by God's grace

  9. A very inspiring post! A good reminder that we all have 'that easily besetting sin' to continually work on by God's grace.
    Can't remember how many times especially in school that people made "funny" comments about my *all Christain songs* playlists on my ipod+phone+P.C but in reality it has been really worth it--5yrs n counting :)!

    1. Wow!!!5yrs!!!...that's aawesome o.thank God for ur life.keep it going oo..and dnt stop ur compilation..#big grin#


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