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Lesson's Learned from Lori's Journal

 Hey you!..

How did you like the ‘’journal of an old flame,’’ well, Lori has given us majority of the lessons learned but I guess I just wanted to point out Temi’s attitude towards her sister when she had to come get her in the men’s restroom. I don’t know if you noticed I didn’t relate to that even till the end of the story.
People who have done wrong or made mistakes in life don’t need someone to criticize them when they’ve done wrong. What they need is someone who will run to them and kiss them and tell them it’s going to be okay. It’s just a mistake. It might have cost so much…

But it’s still a mistake...

And that way they tend to draw closer to you and tell you everything you need to know, not in a hurry and it may take months or probably years of healing but I guess Lori’s didn’t take up to a year and I’m glad.
I remember the story of the prodigal son, the adulteress caught in the act and the tax collectors and all we see our Savior do was to draw them closer to himself and not judge them for their act of immorality and lawlessness. He didn’t cast them away but I guess there’s also one more thing I remember clearly which most people forget to add after forgiving the adulteress.” Go and Sin NO MORE!!’’’s so easy for us to say..’’let he who has not sinned cast the first stone’’ when we do wrong but we forget the warning Jesus gave to her. Don’t forget he has the rod and the staff and so
when you do wrong he’s ready to spank you with that rod..

Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child but the rod drives it far from him.—Proverbs

But I guess the staff is always there to comfort us after the spanking but please don’t let the spanking get too much and you begin to wander away like a fatherless child.
And so, let’s be mindful how we judge others right in our hearts every day. You never know what you might do if you were in Lori’s shoes or someone else’s shoes. Most people need someone to understand them.
When you understand them, then they’re ready to listen to what you have to say.
It took me a while before I took in this teaching from God, but it has helped my Christian life and it’s gonna help yours…

Look for those small foxes in the vine.

You might not know it, but it might just be right there, on one side of your heart, lurking secretly.

The SECOND lesson is just to let us know that somethings we wish for, pray for so desperately might not actually be the best thing if God actually considers giving it to us and so, if we go ahead and get it our own way, it always ends up disastrous and we end up hurting and lonely.
God knows what’s best for us and he can never withhold any good thing from his children

C’mon!!!..,if he could not spare his only son for us, how much more

THIRD LESSON, any relationship that doesn’t smell God is not worth considering; I tell you it’ll only bring you down. If not soon, then gradually

As iron sharpeneth iron, so should a friend!

Ask God before entering a relationship. No matter how much you want it to happen or how much you think it might work. Once you don’t know God’s view about the whole ordeal, don’t bother venturing into it.
It only worsens it

FOURTH LESSON, you don’t have to have sex physically before you’ve sinned.
Jesus said…”I tell you if any man looks upon a woman lustfully has already committed adultery in his heart.’
Lori might not have known but she had secretly lusted after Danny for a long time ignorantly, and sometimes God allows some situations to happen so that our weaknesses might come out and we can deal with them, and destroy them completely
Cutting it from the surface will only make the tree grow again
Uproot everything till nothing of the flesh contaminates your relationship with God.

I'm glad that by God's grace i'm through with story. would have loved to do a journal 2(Lori's new found faith and adventure due to Northern girl's request) but naahhh...LOOL...i think i'll rather stop here for now. That's what series do to you. it leaves the Writer and the Reader committed and all sort of stuff and i want to start blogging some other things
So, it's been a lovely "what should i call it?....thinking....still thinking....'
oh well, i'm grateful to everyone that followed the story and you dont know how much you make me happy especially when i wanna get away from this mad world.
@ilola..., my faithful follower you Rock!..don't know how much i appreciate a writer like you dropping by everytime
@Toin..., LOL..(Lots of Love) you were the one who mentioned you couldn't wait for me to upload the journal again and the first to comment on journal one. i'm grateful
@eyesoftruth...bless your heart ma'am. you really made my day with your comments're a darling
@ay...., XOXO...a big one at that
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@northern girl..."winks and smiles.''it was your encouragement that made me upload Lori's journal again know you'll always be my babay..wink***
@Gebbee...the master story teller!!...i tip my hat for you Sir, i'm grateful for your comments
And for everyone else who read and i didn't mention or just did a sneak peek, or rather wants to remain anonymous, I say a BIG THANK YOU to all.
You guys are the bomb!!!


  1. Great lessons to learn.. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm still learning everyday and pray by God's grace to be able to put into practice these lessons you've shared..

    a big XOXO right back at you!!

    God bless you..:)

    1. thanks to u too ay and God bless you real good.
      i'm glad my Lori's journal was helpful to u and may God give us all the grace to stand strong when temptations come...amen

  2. Where are you ?
    Hope all is well?
    take care.

    1. thank you ma...i'm back ooo and thanks so much for checking up on me
      all is well..xox

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  4. Blessings.....
    Life is about lessons, lessons in laughter, lessons in tears, lessons in happiness, lessons in sorrow, lessons in the observation of experiences and lived experiences; how well we learn will determine our resiliency, how quick we rise up, spring back, adjust ourselves and keep it moving.

    Stay blessed and have a wickedly fun filled week.
    Be a great day.


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  5. done all apart from the fb
    lol..@wickedly fun filled week..and thanks
    yeah...i guess life is really about lessons afterall
    thanks for the comment rhappy

  6. How did I miss this post? Thanks for the mention

  7. Thanks a lot love. you are worth the appreciation.

    You write so well, I wish I could have the patience to break things up and explain it like you do.

    It really does pay to walk in God's plan for you said its God or nothing!!!

    1. yes oo my dear!!'s either God or nothing
      it took me a great while before i could put this into practice and not just mere saying
      thanks once again

  8. you are welcome.... more would be welcomed lol


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