Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Just Saying

"Even A fool is considered wise when he holds his peace.when he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive" Proverbs 17v28

I never really understood this part of the bible till I heard someone say something on TV when asked a question and then I shook my head and I'm like..."really?...'' do people actually think like this?!!!
Yes, I know everyone is entitled to his/her opinion when asked a question but haba naww...not on TV should you display foolishness

okay, the question was.."is sagging good or bad?''  (i think it was one of those red carpet or entertainment shows kinda thing) and then one lady says.."well, if your butt is goodlooking"
Another said.."well, it's the IN-thing, you trend and so just follow it" or something like that sha...cos it was so annoying especially when its a popular artiste that said it. Even when I mentioned it to someone while we were gisting, all he could infer was.."were you expecting a better answer from the artiste?''

Well, there was another one talking about "ugly temptation"...probably the name of his album and his song inclusive and so when he was asked what his phrase meant, the guy was like..."ehhnn, when a girl is not fine or rather, not pretty, and she begins to whine her waist so that he's tempted to touch her body, that's what he calls ugly Temptation!!

And guys!!.. I'm like..."eyebrows raised!!!!...seriously?....Someone is that shallow to say that?''
I think it's my fault that I expected more from the singer cos his video was just meaningless...

Wondering how I even watched the video in the first place huh?..lool..well, you know all those places where you have to wait for someone and then the TV is playing right in front of you?...well, that was my situation I got to see the pathetic video with meaningless lyrics..
although the artiste claimed to have put in a lot of hard work into it and I'm like..."sure coach, try telling that to people who make lyrical songs...duhhh''
As usual, all I could see them advertising was sex anyway, so I wonder why i believed he could say something NOT shallow/superficial

I don't know if I sound harsh oo, but I'm very passionate about music and I feel it shouldn't just be done's a powerful tool, and can reach the soul and heal...
Lucifer himself knew what he had...or rather What God gave him before He was cast down and so he knows the right strings to push etc..

we were watching Project fame the other day(pls dont say its joblessness and then there was this guy that pulled the crowd with his dance steps etc and even one of the judges had to stand and hail him about a "future concert" that we're not even sure about..#side not dissing the contestant oo, but i guess i was almost carried away myself till Didi or Bibi..pls chip in correction if you will (one of the judges) shunned the whole stuff and said the truth about the performance which i myself realized too.

All my momma could do was squint her eyes and.."ummmmmm...."
well, me?...i was like.."ouch...that hurt but i guess it's true"
And she explained that music was all about Lyrics and not just about performance. Music is so much more than performance and dancing etc..(Read your bible well enough and you'll see how much music was appreciated.)

It's good to feel the music but don't get carried away and this thing ministered to me in a way.

Just because someone is performing signs and wonders or doing lots of stuff that looks anointed doesnt mean He "is" or is IN God's will for his life, so like Simply mee will quote from the bible.."face your salvation with fear and trembling" cos your salvation doesn't depend on anybody but God. The man is a man of God, yes...respect him, but Jesus is the only one you should BE looking unto..the author and finisher of our faith..

Another thing is Stand for what you believe in, cos with some stuff i've observed these days, people will even quote bible to get what they want.
someone was saying something from the bible to me one time like that which was contrary to what i believed in and I had to tell him straight that.."see, even the devil used bible verse to tempt Jesus so..."
 anything that is falsely based on the bible and NOT illuminated by the Spirit should be checked and ask God to guide you. Even the bible says "the devil comes like an angel of don't expect one big looking monster or the Nigerian "Harry potters"...before you'll be watchful and Prayerful,

oh, and by the way, I got my old memory card and I found lots of songs in it including this Nigerian one that is becoming a favorite naija song of mine since i didn't really have one anyways...gosh, you guys should listen to has violin(i love songs which feature the instrument Violin and guitar or piano but can't play#sad face)
 and when i listen to this song, i'm like "why can't Nigeria produce more songs like this and get rid of those noisy ones that can make somebody have headache....mschewww
need I mention names?...nahhh..i guess we know them all..
whisphers***...."they are all around us.''
and so i leave you with Adol-Orin

Saturday, 25 August 2012

whose report shall you believe?

"What do you hear?'' the old woman sitting on the old rocking chair asked her grandchildren who had surrounded themselves around her to listen to the moaning voice in the distance which seemed to pierce the dark night.
"A sad tune'' one mentioned
"probably someone crying.''
"must be a sorrowful woman''
"or someone in pain.''
The Old woman shook her head slightly and smiled. "don't be in a hurry to answer. stop whatever you're doing, keep your heart focused and concentrate on the interpretation of the voice.''
still, none of her grandchildren were able to detect what the distant moans meant and it began to subside into the night.
"well?'' one of the children asked looking up at her with huge eyeballs. ''what is it?''
"A mother was singing for her child, in soft moans because her baby wanted a lullaby.''
"it sounds sad...'' one frowned
"well, not my idea of a lullaby.'' another protested. ''how do you know anyway?''
"because i know, and I've been in this world longer than you think or know.''

This short story illustrates how we see things so differently from How God sees things and yet He sees and knows things better than we do but we refuse to acknowledge it most times.
there are so many Lies we allow ourselves to believe and thats because We don't know the Word
If We knew the word, we wont allow anything or anyone to draw us away.

1.the world
2.the devil
3.the media(can also be classified under the world too)
4.Our flesh

All of the above tend to draw us away from the truth and so we end up listening to Lies. We end up believing what the world or the devil or the media calls us whereas, the only One whom we're meant to believe is Jesus-The Truth. What He says about us is the only relevant thing in this life..., is the only thing thing that matters and is the only thing that can make us move on in the path set before us.

Never believe what the media calls you.

As far as the Truth is concerned, we're just a container, a covering, the real deal is Who we are inside, What we can do and undo when no one is looking and how you react when under pressure.

The world may classify individuals as fat, thin, slim, tall, short, pretty, ugly, incapable, not good enough etc

The devil thinks you're not worth The sacrificial death of Christ and your flesh might not even like your present container but Hear the truth...your container(body) is not you.

Jesus didn't die for a container, He died for who you are...and who He sees by the time he's through with you.
Check the word and you'll see so many precious names he's given you, he calls you and how you are dear to him, regardless of how you came to Him or what you had or didn't have

Jesus said.."a man's life does not consist of his material belongings-Luke 12v15. and its true because when those things fade, and you haven't been storing for yourself treasures up in heaven, then its a sad story.

I had an encounter with someone who talked God with me and I left him feeling hungry for more cos I began to feel I still had so much to know cos God is just too overwhelming to grasp, put in a box or comprehend and he was so excited talking about God.

The world could see a Jesus freak...probably

The media might not even want to associate with him most especially if your "God talk" is getting too much and you say it's the reason why you even exist in the first place.
The media wants to sell and so they display whatever will make them sell...that is, what the world wants and it doesn't matter what length they go to get it or who even gets hurt.
Think i'm bluffing?...check out little children pulling stunts that you and i were not bold enough to do at our age when we were younger
or rather, things that would make you lift an eyebrow in the past as "odd" is now being seen as a norm

The devil, am sure hates the sight of him and wants to rid him of such Joy He has found in Christ and his daily walk with God
but I saw him through a different yet truthful perspective

To me, He was one of the richest men that existed. He had God and didn't care what anyone said or felt about His faith. He wanted to know God more.

He talked about God in a way that would make you feel you were missing a lot if you don't take your faith seriously.
He believed He existed ONLY to know Christ and in his occupation, his daily work and plan, that was his main purpose in know Christ more and more!..Wow!!

A man of God once said.."I can't envy you because of your material possessions or wealth, rather I can only envy you if your love /passion for God is greater than mine or rather has reached the degree where i pray to reach and more.''
He might not have said it in the exact way I put it, but for better comprehension, I put it that way.
And with that statement, I knew there was nothing worth more than serving God and Loving Him with everything within me cos that was all that mattered.
Anything outside Christ would be a total mess...

and so, whom would you rather stick with? your independence(believing you can do all by yourself) or total dependence on God?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want
:-A shepherd never allows any of his lamb/Sheep to be in want of any kind and deems it fit to lift a hurting lamb on his shoulder.
 Pointblank;-the Lord is my provider on all sides

He makes me to lie down in green pastures
:-A shepherd takes his sheep to the greenest and fruitful part of pastures so that his sheep can find both comfort and pleasure in his presence
Pointblank;- The Lord makes me happy

He leads me beside the still waters
:- The shepherd leads you beside the still waters but not into it

He restores my soul
;- The Shepherd restores whatever had been lost when you dwell in his presence each day

He leads me in the path of righteousness, for his name sake
:- Walking with God keeps us on the righteous side and It becomes a natural habit of ours to be just like Jesus

Yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I WILL fear NO evil
:-we will surely get to a stage in our lives when all seems dry and the enemy is waging war against your soul but you and I wont fear...why?
Pointblank:- for the Shepherd is with me,

Thy rod and staff, They comfort me
:-the shepherd uses the rod to spank us when naughty in order to guide us aright and then the Staff comforts us, i.e the psalmist finds comfort in this for the bible says.."it is whom He loves, he chastises''
If God doesn't chastise us, then something is wrong big time!
Pointblank:-the presence of His rod and staff gives us the assurance we're still in his will for our lives

You prepare a table before me, in the presence of my enemies
:-I'm sure this is quite obvious

You anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over

With all the above the Shepherd does for me, I can round up this post by saying...

Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord, Forever.
Have a beautiful weekend darlings

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Don't Forget To Remember Me


We've been best friends ever since but the day I realized she was going to leave me quite soon, that day was the day I peeped through the windows of eternity.The garden we had taken shelter was lush green filled with d beauty of God's creation. She was with me today and I couldn't contain my joy.Her chemotherapy was due again tomorrow and she had begged to spend today with me.It had been four years we got the bad news about her health and I remembered how angry and sad I had been.It was a combination of emotions, mixed feelings about God and life.about everything.
She was only 12years old and she had a large heart for everyone and everything around her.her blue eyes shone when we were together and when she talked about nature. It was like We shared the same views about life but after seeing my best friend going through pain,her blue eyes that shone was starting to look dull when compared to the blue sea I spent last night watching as the tears came again.Her beautiful ebony hair had started to fall off.I remember her Dad talking to my Mum that she had Alopecia. I remember that word so clearly. Mum had later explained to me that it was a medical term for hair falling off due to the side effects of her chemotherapy.I was beginning to drift away and I knew it.I had bitterness against God and against the disease itself. I desperately wanted my friend to stay with me.I had no one else.

When my dog died last year,my second best friend in the world....,Sammie and I had buried him together and she had cried so much you would think the dog was for her and not mine. As the older one(just two years older)I tried to act strong but she nudged me and told me it was okay to cry and that was when it came pouring down like a pool.I was going to lose 2 best friends in just 2 yrs.God was not being fair to me at all and I wondered what I had done wrong to deserve all this.
Sunday school had taught us about a Loving God but I couldn't see any of that.
We sat down together after our sandwich and juice we'd sipped together from the same cup.It was then I picked my guitar and sat cross-legged on the lush green in our favorite hideout.I looked into her eyes and smiled forcing myself to be strong seeing the vulnerability in her face as she sat staring at me confused.
"do you have a song for me"
I could see the light return to her face and I felt encouraged as my fingers settled on the strings. I felt my throat going dry as I began Carrie Underwood's "Don't forget to remember me"
Carrie was our favorite artiste since we spent most of our childhood in the country side of Oklahoma. Briefly I remember how she loved singing "I ain't in Cheecotah anymore' and how we would gyrate to d song together laughing and raising our voice like we were the only ones that existed.
As I sang,I held so tightly to the lyrics and replaced the part of "mother" with Sammie and at that moment wished I could take her place.Sammie smiled after I ended my acoustic version.
"don't forget to remember me' she sighed looking into my eyes as she embraced me.
After a little tears and a little chat about how she hated the way she had to stay in bed most times and the new friends she had made in the hospital,she stood up abruptly and stared ahead.for a while,she stood transfixed and I began to wonder what she had seen and if everything was  alright.
And then so suddenly Sammie ran like I had never seen in years.I stood shocked and would have choked when I shouted her name.I ran after her and all I could see was her back. finally,I caught up with her and stared at her like she'd gone crazy. Where in the world did all her strength come from? she was meant to be reserving energy not trying to use up everything.
Before I could talk or yell at her,she had this wide eyed look and asked me pointing to a spot where all I could see were trees.
"did u see him?'
Who?!"I blurted out
I cocked an eyebrow and looked at her like she'd gone out of her mind." It was probably the sickness."I told myself. My friend was beginning to see things.
I couldn't hold myself from blurting out,aware of the sarcasm dripping in my voice
"seriously, really....,so Jesus has a new hideout?"
I thought she would laugh and then I would join her but to my dismay,she frowned and looked at me like I'd gone crazy.
''I'm not seeing things Marie!"she scolded.I know what I saw and it was so real. how else do you think I could run that fast.where did all that energy come from?'
'I was beginning to ask myself that same question'' I replied.
And then,a big smile came to her face and for the first time in a while,I saw her blue eyes sparkle and she embraced me so tightly and the next words she said shook my world.

''I could tell He couldn't wait to take me home' she whispered into my ears. His eyes were the most amazing eyes I've ever seen.I told him I couldn't go through this pain anymore and he looked sad when I said so.but he assured me soon.he knows how you feel about me leaving and he says I should tell you I'm in better hands."

I didn't know when I broke into tears.I had been so selfish,refusing to let go not thinking of the pain Sammie was going through. I was finding it hard to let say goodbye and all she wanted was to end the pain.I remembered the days she complained of how she wished she could live with the cancer than go through the pain of chemotherapy.
But I had waved that thought aside. Now her Savior was coming to take her home. What she had always wanted and I was too blind to see that all these years. Even with the bitterness that had been in my heart against God, he had left her because of me. now,my time with her was almost due and I still acted like an ingrate. It was at that moment of my life I realized how wrong I had been about her ailment all along.The most important thing was that Jesus was definitely taking the wheel of her life and I was sure of her eternity.I wanted to be sure of mine too and that was when I said "don't forget to remember me.when u get there,please tell him to be on d look out for me.I'm definitely coming to join you.''

Her laughter sounded like honey in my ears.It sounded different this time.the kind of laughter that showed how happy you were from within and right there,I asked for mercy and forgiveness.
"I won't" she replied
She left me on earth one week after.

p.s> I should have dedicated this to Toin a while ago(due to her friend's loss and all of that. promised her i would and so here goes), I guess its better late than ever
your  love for Carrie Underwood...well, hope it fits...her song actually inspired the story..i had written it since last year and so I decided to make it public

Fridge Sanitation Day

This is an old note I wrote last year and I thought I should share it with you guys over here 

.......Saying this because there are some words that I wrote here which I've already discussed on my blog before or rather what you guys know me for already.

It was one of those days when you wake up to see another day. you don't have plans that are enough to get you on your feet but you've got to rise on your feet and get going
It was on a day like this I wished I could completely get rid of this flesh and hear God properly...

who am i kidding...I cant recollect if I was thinking about God presently. all that was on my mind was NEPA has done it again so get the spoilables out of the fridge and NEVER ever depend on them
and so, I opened the fridge and packed everything...mayonnaise,etc..don't mind me, I remember the mayonnaise quite clearly because of the creamy feel on bread and It wasnt my intent to watch it get spoilt.
Momma had been complaining of me neglecting the fridge and due to the constant supply of normal light in the last few days, i simply ignored her. I was beginning to wonder when i had become so lazy that even the thought of the fridge cleaning up itself wouldn't have been a bad idea.
But now, I looked at the open fridge and the smell emanating from it was enough to make me frown and shake my head..""GIRL!!!! have to get this little equipment cleaned....and whatever happens after that is not my business.if the light comes again, fine..if it doesn' least, its cleaned and if opened, no smell is going to greet me again.
when I got my Savlon, water, foam and sponge to work as determined, I cleaned it so well I extended to the body, my stickers i had placed on it glaring back at me making to remember how efficient I was in placing stickers on a dirty fridge. i was glad made me remember my hottie..(Winnie the Pooh).. lets get was at that point in my life something clicked in my head and my mind..CHANGE!!..God was using the scenario to point to me how we HUmans refuse to change when told.Sometimes, the spirit speaks, God tries to call our attention to something in our lives we need to change but we simply ignore it. and then He brings the INEVItable...(Forgive me for classifying PHCN"S light taking prank as INEvitable in Nigeria but I guess thats what its coming to).and then we feel so bad and terrible and thats when we smell a change and we realize that we have to get on our feet and do our GODgiven task. SOMETIMES,we've stayed too long on a mountain..(imagine the israelites wasted 40yrs)and all God wants us to do is CHANge!!!...MOVE!!!..get something doing and please!!! as i say not the other way round..God wants us to change...dont do a Christian.Religion does the same thing without bothering what God thinks.Christianity is doing all that pleases GOD and wanting him to say something!!..ANYthing!..Remember when we were kids and had a puppy who would jump, bark and hang its tongue out to lick your would wag its tail madly and if possible, jump on u to get your attention. sometimes, those silly dogs don't relent till u pat their head and say...''hey little guy or big gurl..good doggie or u carry them and smile at them, pretending like you wanna kiss them when you're so not going to!...well, thats what Christianity do all you can to Get God's attention and when you do, you'e glad, because whose time would you rather appreciate in God and MAn.....i choose GOD!...i dont know about you but all God wants some of us to do is CHANGE!
and like MY fridge and I, i heard God speaking to me in a simple, but yet illustrative way that got me thinking..don't let HIM PUSH you before you CHANGE