Saturday, 22 December 2012

Vampire teeth, Childhood Christmas movie of all time and etcetra


hey youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

I cant believe ive been away this long from my family. somehow i feel blessed to have you guys in my life. Yes, in my life. Sometimes when i think of each one of you in my head, yes, each one of you, i smile and i know you guys make blogging worthwhile. you guys are so real to me.

yes, i guess that avoided the clearing cobwebs part although i just mentioned it anyway. How have you all been?...i read your some of your posts but not all..#and so you can imagine how much i've missed all of you...sometimes when i'm on my way home, i settle down and read your posts and somehow i cant comment and so i leave it waiting for the right time and sometimes, i just do it.
Network issues where i work so you know how it takes time to load a comment i dont bother

now, away with my rant and to the topic of today's post and what has been happening so far

Did you ever know there was something called Vampire teeth?...heheheh...orisirisi..yes o. when i was little i watched vampy movies and so when i glance at my cannines in the mirror, i'm like whoa!!!...please dont tell me i'm seeing what i'm seeing fang?

all this went on in my mind

and then, fastforward to years later where i've stopped watching vampy movies and i'm grateful to God that i'm not a Twihard fan, cos most def i would have been, thank God for his mercy. and my colleagues watch vampy diares and talk about vampire teeth.who has and whose is conspicuous?
and then i flash back to my thoughts years ago and i reveal it and they're like

" do have Vampy teeth!''

I dont know what to say about that but i'm not ashamed to reveal God's beauty in me. He made those canines pointed for a reason and i know he didnt have Vampire in mind when he did, and so, a quiet calm and smile crawls up inside me when i think of such humor God plants in our lives.
I thank God for giving me the grace to see the beauty in others and myself even when the world thinks they're weird or "out of place"

On to Christmas movies i watched while growing up, my favorite or rather, most remembered was Home Alone featuring Macauly Culkin. Gosh!!..that boy was the epitome of cuteness and he made us laugh.

parts i remember:

1. with his eyes wide open after realizing he had been forgotten, he said "I made my family dissapear"
but large can a family be for them to forget about one child at home?

2. on the plane when something had to be passed down to him and his siblings kept passing the stuff saying.."pass it to kevin, pass it to kevin, pass it to kevin....
"kevin's not here, kevin's not here, kevin's not here......" till it got to the mother and she repeated the same statement unconsciously and with eyes wide open, she screamed..."KEVIN!!!!"

3. the soundtracks..most especially "oh Holy Night" Kevin went to church to probably hand over his plans to God on how to deal with the thieves...hehehe''

4..and then the part where he plays the tape of a crazy mafia who shoots people who owe him money or something like that just to scare away the thieves
its been a long time i watched it so you can correct me if i'm wrong...#wink*

funny enough, his parents actually never got to their destination because of him. they always had to come back

Its been a while i watched any christmas movie, cos just few or none of them actually depict what the Season is about but they give a good laugh though.

I added etcetra right?

i'm grateful for you do mean a lot. all of you, no one excluded.
Feyi..thanks for coming to pull me outta the closet..and mstizzle, toinilicious toin babay and all of you all.
i have something for you all in my next post, so just stay tuned
        "i'll be back'' Terminator's voice
oh....lest i forget.."feliz navidad"
how i miss boney M..

Saturday, 10 November 2012

No matter How Close



When I was quite little, there was this advert on TV that amused my parents and I about Panadol. Two women were involved but one had the headache and so the friend had to do the job of bringing her the drug.
And then she brought a white tablet that resembled Panadol (probably Paracetamol but without the brand name of PanadolTM and so the woman with the headache refused it and wouldn’t give in whereas the friend insisted since it was a white tablet, and it would solve the headache problem,
then viola!... why shouldn’t it be called or seen as Panadol?
An amusing convo went thus;
C’est ne pas Pandaol..
C’est ne pas se kini?
And at the end, the commercial line went thus; if it is not Panadol, it is not the same thing as Panadol.

Where am I going with this?

For a while, Salt’s post on Being and Not doing Got to me where she said no BUTS…you have to be sure of what you want and what you Know cos people will come and the waters will rise and you might start looking retarded but when You know What you want and What you’ve heard, you’ll never settle for less.

The fact that you’re close to Heaven but not there yet are is different from being there. Jesus told a man that “you’re not far from the Kingdom of God.’’

The fact that its 99.9% doesn’t mean its going to be approximated to 100%. The Hand sanitizers and disinfectants promised us that same percentage and Here we are still battling with germs

The fact that it looks like Gospel, or sounds good doesn’t mean it is from God. Take note.
The devil himself transforms as an angel of Light. He's been here quite long so he knows what he's doing. We're the ones who should be alert cos the Devil goes about looking for who to devour.

I mean c’mon...what impression do you give me when you have a so-called gospel song in your album and that same album contains another song titled. ‘the greatest sex I ever had?’’

Please tell me what relationship has light with darkness or rather, how can Friendship with the world be cool with God when He stated clearly that Friendship with the world is enmity with God.
If any man loves the world, the Love of the father is not in HIM..Period! (Na bible talk am o)

The fact that it is a family tradition or part of culture doesn’t mean God approves. In fact you would be surprised that is what He doesn’t approve of.

For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men…
All too well you reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your tradition
Making the word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down. And many such things you do. Mark 7v9-13

Just because the Guy or Girl talks about God doesn’t mean He knows Him or even has a personal relationship with Him and so that shouldn’t be a go-ahead to marry him or tag Him as God-fearing

The fact that everyone sees it as okay, cool, accepted and the “norm” doesn’t mean God sees it that way. This was one of the things THE SHACK made me see.

The fact that someone calls on a god doesn’t mean He’s calling on the same God as you are. For all we know, so many gods exist. Even Lucifer dons himself as one. And the other ones we classify as myths, people saw them as gods in the past.

Know which God you’re calling and Know which one you serve and correlate with.

There is only one God.

None is good, no…, not one, but God alone.

The fact that people replace Santa with Jesus on Christmas day and forget the real representation of what that day symbolizes doesn’t mean it is OKAY.

And the fact that you’re reading what I’ve written here today doesn’t mean I have everything figured out or perfect either
I’m just a vessel.

Lots of love

Friday, 19 October 2012

Prince of Egypt OST

This cartoon had so many errrrrrrrrorrs...coughs*** it doesn't correlate with the Moses story me i know from my bible o, thanks to Dreamworks and hollywood who like adding jara to bible stories but the song is wonderful
thought I'd share it with you guys.
Me and soundtracks ehn....I hope this my obsession over movie and cartoon soundtracks wane with time ooo...lool


The part where the red sea parts is just the most awesome scene ever
I wonder what I would have done if it happened right in front of me
maybe i would have passed out and they would just carry me across.
I remember the cartoon was the most expensive cartoon in its time. the effects and the voice overs i guess
but no effect could surpass that awesome event that happened in reality many years ago.
the Israelites had been trapped between the red sea and their enemies.
now thats what you call a DILEMMA.. 'trapped between the devil and the blue sea.''
and that was the MOMENT GOD chose to work His wonders. Just at the last minute.

Are you in that area of your life where it seems.. ''oh well, i might as well carry on or give in. God isn't doing anything..Just wait on the Lord, and be of good courage and He will strengthen thy heart.
He is indeed a God of "suddenly.'' and "surprises.''
If you read your bible pretty well, you'll see most times when God is said to arise Suddenly or rather surprise you when you least expect it.
Your own is to believe,
just like Mariah and Whitney sang.."there can be miracles when you believe, though hope is frail, its hard to kill.''
I just love when songs have orchestral performance. its always so amazing to behold. makes me wonder sometimes what heaven will be like

p.s: this is just one of the soundtracks. there were some other ones that i liked too but would save my OST list for another day.

thanks and xoxo

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Books with an Imprint on my soul

Have you ever read a book that left an imprint in your memory, and you can never forget the author?
Well, I have and this is my story

1. The Day I was Crucified by Gene Edwards

Front Cover DESCRIPTION: The most powerful depiction of the death of Christ ever written. See that infamous day not through the eyes, nor the voice of other men, but rather through the eyes and voice of the Lord Jesus Christ himself. He tells you of that day. There has never been a more stunning, more heart-touching piece of Christian literature to be found in the English language as is The Day I Was Crucified. Because it is His account of His own death, you will discover little known aspects of Christ's death. You are also ushered into a presentation of the Lord's death as seen from the viewpoint of principalities and powers as they gather on Golgatha. You will meet the embodiment of the law, of sin, and the world system even the personification of Death as he arrives on the scene to claim his victim. The Day I Was Crucified stands out as literary excellence apart from virtually any books known in the modern era.

What me I have to say about it is this:
Some years back while I was in secondary school, (Baptist school) we were taken to the Big church or Adult church rather to see a movie which I’m sure almost everybody would be familiar with- Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. We all know the story and so watching this gory and terrible scenes displayed by the roman soldiers on Jesus coupled with the Jew’s antagonistic nature made me break down in tears that day and I wept my eye sore.
Every Christmas back then, the story of Jesus was always played on Tv and the normal crying would ensue and tomorrow, or just give us 3 to 4 days and we’ll go back to sinning et al. after a while it became the norm and we'll be like.."yea..I know, Jesus died for me, etc''

But the first time I glanced through this book, I had to go to the bookstore to get a copy for myself and I know my life has never been the same, or rather my Knowledge of What Christ did for me that day on the Cross has been enhanced and I Know NO MAN, not even me should ever underestimate the power of the CROSS
In this book Jesus tells you HIS story and the battle he faced. LAW, SIN, DEATH and SATAN were having a courtroom confrontation with a man who was bleeding on the Cross
Now I know why people make much ado about The CROSS.
The song ‘In Christ alone'' says it all

2.The Shack by William P. Young

A wonderful woman gave me this book and I’ll never stop thanking her cos this book has helped me trust God more. Please NEVER replace it with your Bible. Yeah, that’s the tendency the book has. That’s how wonderful the book is.
Thank you, aloted God bless you. xoxo
I was passing through some tough times and I've even gotten to the extent of where I began doubting God, doubting He cared for me, doubting what I even believed in the first place or maybe I was just deluded or deceiving myself, and sometimes, I would sink into depression, no one to draw me out but God himself did, and this book could not be excluded.

The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts EternityPeople who don't know God and often we too tend to think God has so many rules that he ordained for us to follow and we see HIM as this Task master who was just always killing people in the bible or setting down so many Laws which seem impossible for man to follow
well, this book will change your perspective about God and about those absurd thoughts. I've erred and I've asked for mercy.I've been foolish thinking I can understand God or blame God not knowing He is God and so can never be understood, but the only important thing you should know is that HE loves us, He Loves you no matter what you may be going through and He wants you to see it. Not all the theology can even explain God's word and wisdom and not even the BEST man on this earth can be compared to God's goodness. Only HE is good. Only His Standard matters, and if we've tried to be independent just like Adam tried to be in the beginning, lets run back to the father, cos gaining independence from God makes us fall flat on our faces

These authors who have blessed my soul with this book..,I pray that God bless you both and May you never fall out of grace or be a signpost to Heaven whereas you don't make it, but may we all make it to Heaven In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.