Sunday, 22 July 2012

a cold and broken halleluyah

The first time I heard this song was in the animated comedy SHREK...and please......if you havent seen this animation...or point blank cartoon and you need a good laugh...most especially when you're feeling somehow, gosh!!...this will give you a good laugh(the talking donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy)

 k, before I get carried away again, the part I realized I loved most about this song was the Title above which said, "its a cold and broken halleluyah" and Alexandra Burke did justice to that song (i don't know if that thing happens to you that there's one verse or line in a song that seems to make something tick in you)...I'd stopped listening to it in while due to a line that contradicted my faith but I heard the choir singing it in church and how that line was altered and I knew i could sing it again...
I knew I had missed singing the song, most especially with all the 'jara' the babes added..
I thought i was the only one who understood those "jara" stunts people add to music(that part where the artiste raises her voice in some sort of fantastic way that makes you smile that yes!!!...this babe knows how to tackle a good song) till I heard one of my friends singing It the way Alexandra did and I was like..."sigh!!....i'm so NOT the only one who pulls stunts like this when i do sing alongs.''
 but something else got to me when i listened to this song.., this "cold and broken halleluyah part made me realize that God wants us to come to him as broken vessels...with our imperfections so that He can make all things new and we shouldn't feel till we have done this or done that..
He wants you just the way you are

I mean seriously guys...whats the use of a vessel thats filled?..he wants to empty you of yourself so that you can be what He intends for you and not some false perfection.

"a broken and contrite spirit thou shall not despise" psalm51v17

Talk to him about your imperfections and how you want him to change you.. Talk to him like your lover..what am i saying...He is your lover. Who else could do what He did for you anyway? Who else looks at you like you're the most important thing in the world.....even more than his angels
A PEARL...thats what you are to Him, thats what He sees by the time he's through with you
I think when you listen to the song or rather know the song already, You might Get to appreciate or understand my gist
and so, I'm leaving you with the video song..or just song rather...

p.s...this is the only Alexandra Burke song I gbaduned..or is worth listening to either ways
pls...the vid is like 5 minutes but 1 min of this their intro talk so pls be patient wit me small...
ese gan..eku ife...meaning...thanks so much...for the is returned.

Halleluyah by Alexandra burke...enjoy

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Grace....what is it?



 When reading most of Paul's letters through the bible, at the end of his letters, he always leaves it with the Grace of the Lord Jesus be with you or something like that

If you don't believe me, check out his letters from The book of Corinthians
and so this left me wondering after a while what this Grace meant and what it was all about and why was he always extending it to those people including all of us
and whats this "thing" that God has so much of and if not careful, can be taken for granted...
and why is it that it cannot abound while "WE' continue to sin as Paul says and He uses the word.."God forbid"...
most especially for believers..or rather people who have realized what the Christian race is all about

I watched this "Women of Faith's video of Extravagant grace" and I was so touched at the various ways these wonderful women explained this grace in their own terms...most especially two women who explained it as something extraordinary
I listened to John Bevere's message (trust me, this guy and his wife Lisa Bevere are hot for God..they explain things so indepth that i never even realized and His wife is a big inspiration to me and every young lady who wants to get closer to God...she's very transparent) about Grace and He called it ability.
and so, after much thinking, meditating and one day while i was praying, this word spilled from my lips...
"the grace you extended to that thief on the cross"
and so I wonder, whats the difference between Mercy and Grace?

well, I'm not going into that now, all I wanna put down is what I feel Grace is...

"Grace is what was extended to the thief on the cross while Jesus bled...repeated
 "Grace is what was extended to us on the cross by God even when He knew we were merely humans and have the capacity to fall and fail every time
"Grace is what Jesus extended to his disciples to spread the Word that it might reach we the Gentiles
"Grace is what is given to us even when all the  ODDS are definitely against us
"Grace is the ABILITY of God to trust us and hand over some tasks to us. For He said."My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness
"Grace is greater than our sin
"Grace is our lifeline
"Grace is God's amazing strength...filled with Love but yet so firm and strong
"Grace is what prevails even when its obvious there's no way out
"Grace is the pillar we lean on

and so do you have any other insight into what Grace is?... I would love to know more about this Amazing grace

Friday, 13 July 2012



I look at some pictures or passerby and wonder why some people on Sunglasses look like blind folks rather than sexy peeps
Is it just my mind or am i .... ?
and then its worse when you wear it at night...please don't ever do that again..and not even in your car!!!...jeez. do you want to run into people??!!

Well, I think one gets to observe more when walking on foot. this has happened, not once, not twice but i just had to write it here
chai...Yoruba films sha...I'm a Yoruba girl, so don't worry, its it even only Yoruba films sef...or some of these films they produce these days
I was going oo...when I saw this big movie Poster advertising a Yoruba film.."ERU AYA"(for the non-yorubas...this means the load on a woman's chest!!...imagine that!!..smh!! how can that be the name of  a movie..
eru aya ko, eru okunrin ni...mscheww...i wont be surprised if they also turn the latter into a Yoruba movie too...

Another one I saw was "Gucci Girls"...the next thing we know, its Louis Vuitton Men we'll be hearing about SMH!! silly people..we can even go on and on.., "Facebook love" is another movie, before we know it now, they will do "Twitter Love"'s another one that made me laugh...,Jonathan part 1 and part 2 and there was a man who actually posed on the poster as Jonathan...with that his garment or whatever it is he wears almost every day...This movie actually came out during that time of the subsidy issue ooo... 

With all of the above, I knew creativity most definitely jumped out of the window and left them blank

Please...ahn ahn...even Ralia the sugar girl and Queen Premiere that I read in nursery/primary school sounds better than all this stupid movie names...Enid Blyton was a delight even with Sir peeps-a lot and all of those her funny British names
I think i can stand watching Bollywood than all this films...this reminds me of the joke basket mouth was cracking one time about Naija movies, Indian movies and chinese movies...gosh..twas so funny..i dont wanna start recapping all that stuff now but there was one chinese film i saw that naija people refurbished and i heard that was where one slang like that came to sounded something like...
Jooor oo.., mo le fi boko haram se tenant o(meaning,...pls oo, I cannot take boko haram as a tenant o)
as in, people were pulling so many stunts with this Joor oo slang that after a while, that one dried out.
naija ppl are creative if they use their talents but i guess some people don't even want to stress themselves

Do they think good movies take one week to make, or rather good creative stories...?

ohhh...talking about movies...see me o...i don't know who sent me message o.. i was browsing when i remembered one nice Indian film i watched sometime ago and  i went know most of those their names are long one kind and so i found the whole movie and downloaded it
i dont think i wanna do this again...
what could be worse? subtitle..and I was like..what!!...who watches an Indian movie without subtitle...and so another journey began and I had to start looking for good sites where to download the subtitle for that particular movie bearing in mind that time was going and I had this IPRAY 4 U challenge prescribed by aloted...and so, I knew I had to do fast
but I finally found it sha..God will deliver me from this liking of film too much ahn ahn..but there are certain ones i can watch sha

If atilola can be telling me nawa oo..lool...then I need to mellow

but the movie was cool, those days, when we were young, Indian films don't do kiss kiss and so as kids, we could leave our eyes open then but now..even as an adult,.me I don't know whats going on ooo.
And again, the boy was willing to die for the girl(Indian romeo and Juliet)...loool..their love sef, dey gan ooo..ahn will think the girl was going to have asthma attack...
and then i wondered...naija love is not like this oo...boy die for girl ke, most especially when her father is a mobster.(don't know how many of you watched the godfather).iro!!.."pls let me find my way, if it's meant to be, then it will happen"..LOL
The guy and the girl were good looking..that hair and that face..ahn ahn..God is awesome ooo...

This Indian people take style fine too oo..and you need to see the changes that have undergone their dress code and everything but i guess the dramatic aspect and culture is still so ever present...and they have loads of humor too...with that their constant shaking of head they have too many gods...

let me ask a question it every Indian that knows how to dance(both men and women?
They too like ceremony and a half hour to sing and then the movie continues..

even at the end of SLumdog millionaire, they sang and they danced
3 idiots too wasn't an exception..

Why do people still think this guys are still alive?...#shakes head#people and their obsessions sha

My brother thinks there's more to it than meets the eye..

I went over to my former school a day back to sort out stuff and on entering the library, I saw a girl with earplugs and i wondered to myself..
Why come over to the library since you want to put on your earplugs?...are you not trying to get away from the noise
Well, I think i was guilty of that kind of stunt one time like that and soo...who am i to think like that
anyways...someone gave me a reasonable answer to that and i realized some kinds of music facilitate absorption
or rather...we just wanna shut out the whole world
For now, i guess thats It sweet folks...
essh...should I be using the "folks" word? the folks word reminds me of Kids say the dandiest things
why don't they do that show anymore?
k...i really have to stop here. this is just a brief peek into my mind
it really IS random!
Have a lovely weekend darlings

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

christianity and Religion: 2 different things


N.B: Christianity is NOT a Religion but a Way of Life

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the father except through Him- John 14v6

"And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch"Acts 11:26c

I don't know how many people are familiar with this thing. "if you're not a Muslim, neither a pagan(there was a time people were so scared to identify with paganism but now, the boldness has come forth in atheism), then you are most definitely a Christian and so JUST fill the FORM already!!!
'......umphhh...shebi you go to church now, at least, you show face and warm the bench or ogle the preacher...same noni...LOL...we're going to church together and so therefore we are all Christians"
 is there any wonder Nigeria has so many churches and Yet the corruption is beyond human reasoning
need i go any further...i guess not

The term christian was coined from the above chapter in the bible that something happened before they were tagged "Christians" and it wasn't because ''them say'' or "i go to church" or "thats my parents religion.''
There was something unique about "Christians" in the bible times. They followed Christ. they ate Christ. They slept Christ. They drank Christ and everything was "Christ" to them.
Jesus wasn't a part of their life...., He wasn't something to be considered as an offer or something we can just fit INTO a schedule
Jesus was their SCHEDULE
Jesus was THEIR LIFE
 I'm not preaching oo, and pls don't run away that..."hian...this geh has started again oo.'' it was just a training procedure God took me through and the Book of Ecclesiastes made me see that the whole duty of man in this Life is to "Fear God and obey His commandments...for this is Man's all. For God will bring every work into judgement, including every secret thing, whether good or evil''

I hear of deaths around and I even have family friends I've lost and I begin to wonder..."omg!!! is that where it all that ALL??....all we've struggled to attain in life just gone like that. We came into this world with our palms closed wanting to grasp everything we see and yet when We DIE, we return with our hands wide open, hereby confirming that bible verse that says.."What is man that you should be mindful of Him?....
We are like a flower, here today and fading tomorrow and How do we give account to our creator about the life spent on earth
DID we live for "US" or we Lived for "HIM"
I wont lie to you, this thought scares me sometimes cos i know when a situation presents itself, before i say Jack! mind has already calculated and then that nudge will come.."sisi...who first? or God?

Christianity is a way of life. it isn't a role we play like we are on stage and we're doing some dress rehearsal and then when we're done...we pull off our costumes and dash off to a different life.

SOmetimes, when I talk, some of my friends will be like.."you're being too churchy..itumo..''you're taking this Christianity thing too serious naww..ahn ahn..even to the extent its affecting your thinking...LOL"...
Well, news flash.."Jesus took my salvation pretty serious. He could have just been like the UN-serious me y'know..Tell Jah that we need to cool things down and y'know take things slow.''

after all, there's still plenty of time."

But No, He didn't look back. A whole God came in form of MAN because of me and bore that heavy cross and allowed His wrists bleed as he hung on the cross for how many hours
(i remember while i was in sec school that time when they told us to fly our arms, after a few minutes, i would be crying thinking i was going to collapse or perhaps faint and then those so called seniors will Know)

emi nikan tan?....Jesu oma se gan ooo

Christianity is a life time choice. Christianity is different because it promises you eternity with the father and IS the only ONe that tells US that We have been reconciled to God through ONE mediator Jesus Christ. It is the one that people were matyred for even when their environment wanst conducive enough and they had it at the back of their mind as they ran the race:
Christ is our living Hope
Christanity has defied logic and cannot be understood by the Human mind because God has used the foolish things of this world to confound the wise
and so, have it in mind that "you cant serve Gd and something else. you cant put your hand to the plow and look back. you cant get enlisted in God's army and deploy.
you wanna know what's WORSE?,..."you cant EVEN SIT on the FENCE...ummm...beni is not allowed. EVEN the bible says it..whoever is not for God is against Him''
Joshua made that cry that day in the book of Joshua.."choose ye this day whom you shall serve, but as for me and my family ooo, we go serve Baba God'' rephrased

A war is coming beloved one of God. i don't know if you can sense it but as a Christian, you should
2Tim2v4 says.."No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that He may please Him who enlisted Him as a soldier"
and so, stand up and fight the good fight because our adversary the Devil goes about like a roaring Lion looking for whom to devour.
(ummm am sure you'll be wondering that this girl too dey like fight talk o jere.(thinking to self..".ummm...maybe thats why I Love Lord of The Rings movie o..who knows..good side against the bad geun.)
When the bridegroom comes(which is indeed very soon), do not let Him meet you sleeping ooo...or dozing off sef. Let your eyes be shining like torch light and Please keep your Lamp burning
Overall, I say Watch and Pray
May God keep us all strong oo till then....amin jesu(amen)

Friday, 6 July 2012

I cry

hey you

I was going to write something else about Grace and ask for your views but as the computer began loading, something else came up and here it is
Its been a while I wrote a poem, even for church but this just came write right up

Look at what we've lost
Look at how much we've turned sore
Look at how much the enemy stands to gain
At our terror, misery and disdain

Oh, I see how much has gone
I ponder on how much more will still be lost
Is it when our veils are completely consumed
Or the earth screams at such bloodshed resumed?

We cry against bloodshed! bloodshed!! bloodshed!!!
We scream against it every time lives are lost

I cry against the bloodshed of an innocent unborn soul that found her way to an unloved womb
I cry against the bloodshed of lives flung carelessly in the bid of political gain
I cry against bloodshed that lies within each one of us when someone hurts us so much
I cry against the claws of hatred, anger and nonchalance as it tears us away from the truth

And what is the Truth?

We have allowed the sly one to creep into our daily walk with the One who formed our existence into being
We have wasted so much time analyzing so much that there's little or no time for action
We have made our most "valuable asset"called "Prayer" a Past tense and tagged it as a Religious rite or better said, 'Exercise"
We have become too familiar with what is right so much that we're beginning to see the "Truth" as myth or fallacy
We look at the palm of our hands, not to see the beautiful In-scripted strokes of our uniqueness by our creator but we READ them to foretell the future
So much is happening around us, so much has gone
And are we ready to loose our remnants to the Sands of time while we drown in its heap?

P.S....I would love you guys to tell me what you saw when you read this poem.(honestly)
 I really need to see your point of views and how different it is from mine

Happy reading guys and have a lovely weekend..

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Still cleaning Up my closet


It took me years to say "goodbye" to some songs and have i looked back ever since?
I'm a serious Work In Progress and do not pretend to be an Emblem of Perfection but i pray for grace to stand strong
And so when it was time to wave some of my favorite songs goodbye, i battled and battled and then something dropped into my heart that time that made me realize i could do it
believe me, i thought it was impossible, i thought i wouldn't survive
I mentioned it on one of my posts that i love rock and that was like half of my music collection
the days of Avril Lavinge( i thought i couldn't stop listening to this babe and when i stopped for a while, someone would just play one of her songs and that spark will just get ignited again and i would sigh and be like...#sad face#,

Evanescence(gothic looking chic) was another i had to quickly get out of my system. its a wonder that her lyrics actually depict what she's saying and yet it draws you closer to it and it's like you're drowning in an ocean of ectasy. this babe doesnt even hide her origin and i still have friends that dig her
you don't know how happy i am i broke free,
Linkin Park, you should see me whenever Numb was playing especially the one featuring Jay Z. as in i felt i was on top of the world
Three Doors Down, Green Day and anything else that has rock in it, be it soft rock or hard rock
and now i'm just realizing that people have different weaknesses and different addictions
All are still weaknesses,  no matter how tush we try to make it look. as long as God sees it as something you should get rid of, then no matter what anyboday says or What "YOU" think, "its still a cleaning up your closet process''
We can see a drug addict or some kind of addict and we'll be like.." i'm not like that person oh.., me my own is still better..''
and I'm like "whoa!...LOOL, who says?...You or God?
As far as God is concerned from the bible's point of view, Sin is Sin, Mr. A's area of weakness may be lying, while Mr. B's weakness might be cheating or stealing or fornication, Sin is Sin and so its better not to near anyone of them at all.
It's we humans that tend to classify(as usual)

and so what am i driving at with all of this?

We should be careful at how we judge others and try facing/minding our own weaknesses with God's mercy and Grace. it's not easy, but if I could get over my addiction to Secular Rock music with God's help, then everybody can overcome any of their weaknesses or addiction. Don't believe that lie that there's one superman or woman out there who doesn't have any weakness. Paul rather decided to boast in Jesus, and not in anything he had achieved and we all know majority of the letters in the New testament were written by Him.
He chose to be reminded of his weakness so that the tendency to start feeling "high" above others will die out. You remember that thorn of flesh God gave him..right?
therefore, i don't need to start giving explanation why God placed it right there, do I?
and so after I did away with my addiction to secular Rock Music (N.B: I had this wrong notion that christian songs were boring jor and what do they have to offer me apart from this popular Don Moen and these artistes people hype but with time, i've come to appreciate people that have dedicated their life to worshiping God.
i love Don Moen. That man's songs has a calming effect and there's no way you wont feel God's presence 
and then when I encountered Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp,Britt Nicole, Newsboys, Francesca batistelli, Warren Barfield, and other ones i don't remember now, I knew that "Yes, I've come to the right place in my faith and I want to continue with these guys and I realized that God wanted me to stop listening to some songs like the above because i tend to drift away easily and we need a constant daily reminder that God is closer to us than we think most especially when we are in times that lots of doubts assail and the world tells us otherwise, trying to drown us into its lies

I'm leaving you with a song that is the soundtrack of "Fireproof" one of those movies that I love cos it inspired me and made me realize that You can't say you Love God and not love your fellow brother or spouse. or rather, you cant say you want to Love someone and not Love God.
you can only give what you have received and His Love has he given us freely without any inhibition
And so, i leave you with Warren Barfield's "Love is not a fight.'' The song itself is wonderful
please, read the lyrics, let it touch you or heal you just as it did  for me and stay blessed
Happy reading

Love is not a place, to come and go as we please
it's a house we enter in, then come in to never leave
so lock the door behind you, throw away the keys
we'll work it out together, let it bring us to our knees

Love is a Shelter, in a raging storm
Love is peace, in the middle of a war
if we try to leave, may God send an angel to guard the door
No, love is not a fight, but it's something worth fighting for

To some, Love is a word that they can fall into
but when they're falling out, keeping their word is hard to do

Love will come and save us, if we'll only call
He'll ask nothing from us, but demand We give our all

i would fight for you..., would you fight for me?
it's worth fighting for
 The end

it gives us a thought to ponder on:
God fought to buy us back, would we do the same?
 so please pray for me oo, that i clean up my closet real good. wink***

p.s..i think the Warren Barfield guy is cute...lool..was just observing o, and quietly leaving :)