Saturday, 10 November 2012

No matter How Close



When I was quite little, there was this advert on TV that amused my parents and I about Panadol. Two women were involved but one had the headache and so the friend had to do the job of bringing her the drug.
And then she brought a white tablet that resembled Panadol (probably Paracetamol but without the brand name of PanadolTM and so the woman with the headache refused it and wouldn’t give in whereas the friend insisted since it was a white tablet, and it would solve the headache problem,
then viola!... why shouldn’t it be called or seen as Panadol?
An amusing convo went thus;
C’est ne pas Pandaol..
C’est ne pas se kini?
And at the end, the commercial line went thus; if it is not Panadol, it is not the same thing as Panadol.

Where am I going with this?

For a while, Salt’s post on Being and Not doing Got to me where she said no BUTS…you have to be sure of what you want and what you Know cos people will come and the waters will rise and you might start looking retarded but when You know What you want and What you’ve heard, you’ll never settle for less.

The fact that you’re close to Heaven but not there yet are is different from being there. Jesus told a man that “you’re not far from the Kingdom of God.’’

The fact that its 99.9% doesn’t mean its going to be approximated to 100%. The Hand sanitizers and disinfectants promised us that same percentage and Here we are still battling with germs

The fact that it looks like Gospel, or sounds good doesn’t mean it is from God. Take note.
The devil himself transforms as an angel of Light. He's been here quite long so he knows what he's doing. We're the ones who should be alert cos the Devil goes about looking for who to devour.

I mean c’mon...what impression do you give me when you have a so-called gospel song in your album and that same album contains another song titled. ‘the greatest sex I ever had?’’

Please tell me what relationship has light with darkness or rather, how can Friendship with the world be cool with God when He stated clearly that Friendship with the world is enmity with God.
If any man loves the world, the Love of the father is not in HIM..Period! (Na bible talk am o)

The fact that it is a family tradition or part of culture doesn’t mean God approves. In fact you would be surprised that is what He doesn’t approve of.

For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men…
All too well you reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your tradition
Making the word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down. And many such things you do. Mark 7v9-13

Just because the Guy or Girl talks about God doesn’t mean He knows Him or even has a personal relationship with Him and so that shouldn’t be a go-ahead to marry him or tag Him as God-fearing

The fact that everyone sees it as okay, cool, accepted and the “norm” doesn’t mean God sees it that way. This was one of the things THE SHACK made me see.

The fact that someone calls on a god doesn’t mean He’s calling on the same God as you are. For all we know, so many gods exist. Even Lucifer dons himself as one. And the other ones we classify as myths, people saw them as gods in the past.

Know which God you’re calling and Know which one you serve and correlate with.

There is only one God.

None is good, no…, not one, but God alone.

The fact that people replace Santa with Jesus on Christmas day and forget the real representation of what that day symbolizes doesn’t mean it is OKAY.

And the fact that you’re reading what I’ve written here today doesn’t mean I have everything figured out or perfect either
I’m just a vessel.

Lots of love


  1. I loved that advert o! Crammed every line & I can still remember (used have a thing for adverts those days)

    Message received ;)

    1. as in, me too..lool
      the adverts of these days sef get as e be
      thanks fr receiving..highly appreicated

  2. I remember that ad very well. You know Sugar Spring, there is so much 'good' out there that I have taken to asking God to keep his promise to hold my right hand and lead me on the right funny for me to read this today cos I just a finished bedtime 'getting God into you' session with my almost 9 year old and this is exactly what we spoke about - How to know what path is good when both paths look 'OK'. Bless you.

    1. hmmmm....i agree with u
      awwww, you mean it? then am glad i posted it.
      i receive the blessings thank you very much

  3. We can only rely on God to teach us his word and the understanding, so we know what's right and what's truly right. We can't (as christians) keep doing half-christianity, he gave(gives) us the best and expects the best from us.
    I think the first step is Loving God and everything else would pretty much fall into place.

    This is also a reminder that we are not perfect and we should keep working towards it.

    1. yes ooo, full reliance on God
      and you re so right abt d first step. it begins to fall into place from there, and not thinking we can do all by ourselves
      yes, we keep striving towards perfection daily by God's grace

  4. ahahaa..*gbam!* *gbam* Spring..liked the last line...and yes people worship different gods...whenever i pray i do say GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob....i specify ooo, because i was taught there are different gods/goddess and spirits around, so as Christains, be specific and ray targeted prayers than rambling on...and on the other side i like the panadol, esp the pidgin version...If no be panadol, e no fit be like panadol!

    What you said here coincides with what the Ugandan pastor was saying...the human ways...we might think we are on the part of righteous, but it all leads to destruction....let me add this....and it is not who that thinks he/she prays 24/7 or blast in tongues is seen to be holy....even the devil can speak in unknown language!

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom of thoughts Sugarspring.

    1. hmmmmn....i feel u simply mee...ur two cents of addition usually makes
      yea..that thing scares me too, esp wen i listened to that ugandian pastor abt his way of life. most times, we think everything we do is acceptable not knowing its like an abomination bfr God
      ye...the pidgin version was the correct one, lool, not the clean english one i described above

  5. I love the this is some deep stuff. Thanks for sharing. Bless your heart.

    1. thanks to u too for reading :)
      i love the shack too

  6. Yes ma'am. It's not in every situation a 99.9% can become 100%.
    Have a blessed week.

  7. God give us the grace to dicern good from bad. This is very deep.

    1. yes o, may God give us the grace to turn away from all forms of evil
      thanks fr stopping by sykik..i appreciate

  8. You are very right. Let's not close our eyes to the remain 0.1%

  9. hmmnnn...true. God help us all

    1. amen oo Luci..cos only His grace can sustain us

  10. Another inspiring post from the spring where sugar emanates from - you! Lol. Wow! That advert featured Orisabunmi if I remember right. Hmmm, memories! So very well said, dear. 99.9% is still not 100%. It's either total obedience or none at all! The standard of God cannot and should not be compromised for anything. We should all stay conscious of this fact and start working towardss it.

    1. yes oo Geebee, it shouldnt be compromised for less or anything @ all.
      LOOol @ whr sugar emanates from..amennnn ooooo
      was it orisabunmi?!!! you remember it so clearly niyen ooo

  11. Great post. Peace & love always!

    1. peace and love to you too blogoRATTi.
      and thanks

  12. This is an awesome post!

    I love brutal honesty...its the same way I blog too. The truth is always bitter but it is THE TRUTH.
    Your post reminds me of a colleague at work who claims to be a christian but is afraid to listen to messages of men of God that preach the bitter biblical truth. She's more content with the 'feel good' messages that don't really cause her conscience to convict her.

    Thanks for sharing this...I need to mail it to friends.

    1. thank you afronuts..and thanks for stopping
      and to think i was reluctant to post this on my blog. i just thought i did do it anyway
      thank God fr everything

  13. We all need His grace to get us through. Thanks for sharing..

  14. gbamest

    i loved that advert by the way.

    the santa one is the one i resonate it well now...when bionic was 1 we took her to see santa all in the spirit of christmas..but last year i didnt feel convinced about it so she didnt go...this year there are "talks" about taking her to see santa again...and i am confused now...not sure if it is good or bad or if it will take away from the true meaning of christmas?

    1. yea..., me too..its an old advert but it was like a brand and not like all the yeye commercials they do these days

      we'll talk abt the Santa thing behind screen..loool

  15. YOU talked about The Shack and I got it! Still reading it and I'm LOVING it. I've learnt and am still learning a lot.

    This post hit the nail right in the middle of the head. Thank you!!

    P.s- check out my blog!!! Better late than never :)

    Much love hunnie!

    1. #biggrin#
      #checked it out already#
      #much love right back @ u love!#

  16. What a blessing to have found your blog.
    Just because it is close to the truth, doesn't mean that it is truth.
    So true!

    1. yes oo..
      tanx fr dropping by funmi. God bless

  17. Replies
    1. hehe...oya i haf appear oo
      ose ore mi


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