Thursday, 6 September 2012

Call it for What it IS

 I was watching a movie with my brother sometime ago when the Word ‘Fornication’ was mentioned in the movie and we burst out laughing. Anytime we remember the scene where the word was mentioned, we would laugh again.
I later asked him why it was funny since it sounded like a ‘serious matter’ and we came to the conclusion that “Sex sounded tusher when used instead of ‘Fornication.’
The World calls it Sex because it sounds tush and acceptable ‘sort-of’ but fornication sounds too….”harsh and old-fashioned.’’ Calling it for what it is makes one look like a sinner
But isn’t that what the Bible calls fornication?...Why not call it for what it is

Another incident happened when I was having a conversation with my cousin since He’s the Clubbing/Partying type and so he displayed a picture I wasn’t too comfortable with where he posed beside a girl who was barely wearing anything…(just a bra and panties did the job). I told him I didn’t like the picture and he looked unperturbed.
I further probed him with this question. ‘’What if ‘I’ was ‘that’ girl standing next to you pulling that same stunt, how will you feel if you saw a pix of me like that?’’
Omo!! need to have seen his reaction, including vague threats
“You cant try it!.., I’ll Kill you!!!’’
He actually said He was going to Kill me, and yet isn’t ‘that’ girl another person’s sister or sibling?
And then, I wondered, isn’t it still the same thing?
Why was he now seeing it differently just because I put myself in the girl’s shoes, and I was his ”family”
Isn’t she also a woman who deserves to cover up herself and think deep or rather know better?
Because I believe if she Knew better and stopped listening to the world, the devil and her flesh and search for the Truth, she wouldn’t be posing beside my cousin, barely wearing anything.
Let’s call it for what it is please……
There was another conversation I had with someone about a man having concubines even after marriage and I’m sure most men have this mentality too.
He said he felt it was okay and I queried him that it wasn’t okay. Ahnn ahnn
What is wrong is wrong
I further went on to ask if it was a woman involved, isn’t it the same thing?
And he was like..”naah, it’s not the same thing.’’
Well, excuse you, it is!!...but people will look at her that she’s an ‘ashewo’(prostitute).
He tried to justify the reason that society would see her as a loose woman et al, but for men, it’s still understandable and I’m like…”chai!!!...How will we develop when men and society keep thinking like this?’’
What about the man?...isn’t he an ashewo too?
I told him point blank that “God sees both as Adultery, be it man or woman’’
What is wrong is wrong!.Sin is Sin, be it man or woman. The Bible did not say Man’s sin is overlooked but woman..”haaa!! don enter am.’’ Anything born of woman, be it man or woman is regarded as same…

Or was it not Adam and Eve that got banished from Eden?

‘’Equality rights activist’’, you may call me, but same noni as far as I’m concerned
Back in School, we had a discussion about the prevalence of HIV in Nigeria and Africa and we began to have arguments that Africans are still more conservative about Sex when compared to other countries but When the Lecturer went on to state facts, we had to agree with her with a sad nod.
Reason;-In a country like Nigeria, when a man marries and stays at home with his wife for too long, he is considered A woman wrapper or someone who doesn’t know how to enjoy Life and so he is convinced by His friends that Life is quite richer and pleasurable outside marriage and so having concubines is not seen as a big deal at all

I mean, why settle for ordinary salad, when you can have Fruit Salad?!!SMH!!!!!!

If you’ve ever noticed, when there’s strife in a family and the families come together to settle, the woman is told to overlook and might even have to go on her knees for the man afterward
After all, He’s the “MAN’’ of the House
N.B; I’ve witnesses such incidents and it sickens me to the stomach
If it was a woman involved, they’ll call her a Harlot and all sorts of names till kingdom comes
Do you remember the story of the adulteress in the Bible whom those Men “dragged” to Jesus in the bible because they were ready to stone her to death before Jesus gave them a big “ela!’’ and they started dropping their big stones
I remember, he said. ”let him who has not sinned cast the first stone’’
Did you ever wonder in the whole scenario WHERE ON EARTH WAS THE MAN?
Adultery involves two people and so where was the man that committed the Act with her
It shows How impartial and upside-down the society sees things

A white Lie is a Lie, you may call it something else, but it’s definitely NOT the truth!
It’s just a little Sex before marriage, no penetration……Well, bad news, It’s STILL SEX
It’s just preambles…foreplay before sex…NO intercourse..walahi…etc…swear all you want…   ehnnn…IT is SEX
It’s just a little cash or material which is not yours…, C’mon!!!..need I spell it OUT for you
It’s just a Little Lie to cover up my ass…, nothing more…well tell that to Pinocchio.
It’s just a little gossip, it’s not like I’m giving the full detail of everything…and so on
Have you tried telling a Lie to cover up something and then the Lies keep getting bigger and bigger till it’s so obvious you’re Pinocchio Part 2 and people can’t even tell when you’re telling the truth and when you’re lying?

Lets be honest with ourselves, A lie will keep leading to other lies and so why build a Legos of Lies when it can be smashed by a handful of truth

There’s no two-ways about it, the truth will surely prevail someday somehow
Have you tried tasting a chocolate piece especially when you're on a diet or rather, you're watching your calorie intake? tasting it doesn't stop there, you end up eating all of it
And so, like my chocolate, don’t bother tasting or biting into it at all cos once you’re in, it takes the grace of God to crawl out.

Don’t let that word  ”little” be your integrity gauge and deceive you. 
Don’t let The “Comparison” Gauge be that either
n.b; its the little things that have the tendency to kill you slowly cos it makes you get familiar with sin, and then you keep doing it till your conscience becomes seared and you don't even feel remorseful for any wrong you do.

But Let Jesus be your integrity Gauge…cos there is no ‘little sin’’ in His eyes.

"You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is highly esteemed before men is an abomination in the sight of God...Luke 16v15

And I bet you once you’re in Jesus(Truth) and You in Him, Like the Tree supplies water to the branches so that they bloom, you’ll never wither or fade away, but will stand

Like a tree planted by the rivers of water…that brings forth fruits in it’s season, Whose leaf shall not wither, and whatever He does shall prosper. Psalm 1v3


  1. our world is that of double standards...we overlook things when it does not directly affect us or just to suit our wish.

    1. as in Lara, ure so on point!!!when it's someone else, we tend to pretend its nt our business bt if it affects us soley, then we begin to see it as a serios sometin

  2. This is a really great post..has helped me put some things into perspective.
    We need to learn to stop making some things look good and acceptable when they are not. Sin is sin..

    1. am glad it could help...hope exams re good
      yes, we need to make a conscious effort to put things in order and be honest with ourselves

  3. I have so much to say but i guess i'll just settle for HI5!!! I totally agree with you.

  4. Being in Nigeria,the statement "its a man's world" is so apparent here...smh our society and sex...sad story

  5. wow!
    B-R-A-V-O! #clapping#
    You NAILED it sugarspring!
    I really don't have anything to add...i digested it too well! ok, i have a little shaa..ehehehehe
    Call it what it is... a SPADE and not a spoon.
    There is no little sin before GOD.
    We have all sinned and our righteousness is a like a filthy rag before HIM.
    You thief pin, another person thief motor, all = to sin!
    fornication is fornication. Whether you sleep with one man or sleep with 100 men, or it was only anal, or them just touch body all =sin shikenah!

    Visit it will interest you.
    Have a lovely weekend and thank you for a thought-provoking post :)
    We should simply ask for HIS grace and mercy.

    1. LOL....i always gbadun ur jara..heheehe @u thief moto, u thief pin...
      yes ooo!!!!!sin na sin!!bt fr convenience we categorize
      tanx simply mee

    2. checkin d link to d post...wil gv u feedback on ur blog.tanx

    3. im back again ooo cos ive actually read d post u directed me to and wow!!!!...i feel like shaking your hand and hugging u seriously at the same time!!!...i read d whole post and your comment and i was like wow!!!..they re still teenagers, no doubt and so its possible their hormones may still be raging..esp since they've been dating for abt 2yrs...and ure ryt..i mean wen courtship or relationships like that start taking months and yeaarrrs, then thats where some orisirisi can start coming in and viola!!...they've evn had sex without knowing it...just like u and i agree, its nt till when u have intercourse that its sex...foreplay and etc...well i also see bukky's point of view abt them being in love but sometimes, our emotions deceive us big time!! and after marriage, the scales begin falling off...and it might be too late by then. things like this are very delicate issues and shdnt be tampered with..and dnt blame the parents fr nt wanting to sponsor the child anymore..well what do you expect of them?..isnt it outrageous and a lil insulting to keep sponsoring a married couple. why is this?...well, cos they believe that ppl that get married have sorted out their whole priorities in life, they hv things in order and so, what else than to marry?...ppl's biological clocks re diff though and the fact that those old couples hv been in marriage fr abt 25 yrs doesn't mean it will be d same fr dm...u dont really knw d kind of foundation they built, you dont know d kinda conversation they had wit God and all other stuffs revolving their life and so each man shd take charge of his own bull by the horns and do what you're capable of doing...even jesus said.."which one of you when you want to build a tower doesnt first of all count the cost and all of that bfr embarking on such project?.." and so i believe they need to sit down wella and pray to God..(they shd be building a strong relationship with their maker most esp at ds age and let them know God's will fr their lives and not just get carried away by what they're eager to do...cos afta marriage, they'll do and get tired and so y more thing!!...its easier to mistake Lust for Love. they should read 1cor13 and try to balance their love with that...let them be open minded and honest with themselves too
      looool...ds my post long abi?...

    4. wrote a post-comment like me!
      an interesting topic ehn? Bukky do have many interesting issues @ hand. I linked you to this post because of the similarities in topics.
      glad you gbadun the post and thanx for taking the time out to read and comment.

  6. There are no degrees of sin with God. Not one. He who uses office supplies for personal work and he he robs the bank are one and the same. I used to think this was just some fanatical hogwosh until the day it occurred to me that each time I printed personal stuff in the office, I also hid the paper as I walked back to my desk. If I felt it was OK, then why was I hiding it?

    I thought about it long and deep and decided that even if the world thought it was OK and the bible did not even categorically call it sin, IF it made my feel like 'hiding' or guilty somehow, then, FOR ME that things was a no no.......I don't want to have to listen to my tapes and videos on that day and have to wince or flinch!
    Awesome post.

    1. yes o...even me too..dont want to start watching the vid of my life and start wishing to correct what i shd hv corrected while on earth
      thank God fr ur sensitivity to the spirit..not everyone gives heed bt rather a seared conscience
      tanx DNW

  7. I agree with you. We tend to downplay some of our sins because we have what we call "bigger sins" like murder and terrorism, witch craft etc.

    But our God is a single standard God; no two ways about Him. Remember in 1Samuel when He equated rebellion with witchcraft and stubbornness with idolatry.

    The faster we start seeing things through God's eyes, the better and safer for us.

    God bless you for this.

    1. yes o feyi, no two ways at all with him..and its better to start seeing things from God's eye as u said cos even society's morale is going seriosly low these days

  8. Its a slow fade..... fade.... fad... fa... f....

    Later, the sin becomes normal, all remorse is lost. Then we constantly live in sin and the conscience is seared.

    Slow fade....

    1. see me shaking ur fr d reminder...yea...thats what truly happens

  9. very true.
    thanks for dropping by my blog. xoxo

    1. xoxo to u too sweerie!!...its a pleasure and tanx fr showing face here too..ure much appreciated
      #ringing bell for my new follower#

  10. This post is so on point..we all need to think about the sins we commit all the time that are so normal to us now, and start doing it right...this post has got me thinking really deep.

    1. sweerie!! glad it did that for you and tanx so much fr stopping by here..appreciate it

  11. just like the world calls it having an affair- it is ADULTERY. let us call a spade a spade

    as for men thinking it is a man's world. if u cant take it dont give it..thats my take

  12. In summary.... "A lie is a lie"... simple and true!!!

  13. Very true and profound! i love the fact that you posted this on my birthday *blushes*. Loving your blog!

    1. Awww....tanx cee.
      Am glad it made ur birthday!!!
      Happy bday in arrears hun!!


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