Thursday, 3 January 2013

God bless the day i found you

hey you
hey me

thank God for you and Me

thank God for blogging...

thank God for the day i found you guys

and thank you all for being part of my 2012.
so many kinds of humans exist out there including species like me

I realized the crazy but fun ones don't exist outside blogsville but inside as well and when you need a


whole lotta drama, just come over to the other side...
cos blogsville, right here, is where you get reality, fantasy, drama and all of it

shake it with a little jazz sometimes

I've lived, loved, laughed and wondered right here thanks to you guys
i've seen the passion in people when they write..their passion for God, for life, the emotions they try so hard to conceal but just end up spilling out everything on a post like splashing paint on a clean canvas and i've seen empathy, sympathy and love.

Love still exists. sometimes with everything going on around, its so easy to doubt but i guess it still does.
you might not find it in a 3D dream or Transformers 3D but in reality and in this world where God still watches over us, it exists
Don't let Satan put out your light!!**i'm gonna let it shine

there's a saying where we are told if people don't add to you, you delete them.
just like i deleted someone and when he called i was like huh? oh!!..i did?
hehehe...classic expression that when replied with sarcasm, you dont have the right to slap the person or eye the person
just pop your eyes out and stare like.. ''lets pretend we didn't have this conversation..''

well, good news cos you guys have added and so you're sticking this time.
if i start mentioning everyone, it would be a long something and so....
ngbati ko n se ibi la fe sun si...lool

I told you i was gonna come back with something for you guys.
it's not a parcel, neither is it something wrapped in a box but i believe its so much more...
cos when i listen to it, i think of you guys.
and so, please listen along with me..

an old friend told me to listen to it while I was still in school.., and then i loved the song and i pass it down to people who mean much to me.

kk..., "End of tales by moonlight"lool
lets just hear the song

P.S: lest i forget!...Happy belated birthday Simply Me..wishing you a wonderful additional year.
sometimes, i imagine you on fire when i read your posts.hehehe
i hope you enjoy the song too as part of buydae gift...


  1. Happy New Year hun. I enjoyed watching the video. I loved this lines: "May the angels protect you, trouble neglect you"... "My love will follow you, stay with you, baby, you are never alone". Thanks for sharing.

    1. glad u did lovey!!! and ure welcome anytime
      by the way, where have you been all this while

    2. Same here.
      I liked the words. Played it over and over....thanks so much sweetie.
      So loving and thoughtful of you.
      I appreciate your love towards me :D

      Thanks for sharing it with me.

  2. Happy New year, don't know why I can't access the song...all the best this year.

    1. awww..wish u could
      all the best to you too this year dearie

  3. Happy new year dear. I love the song and I love Lady Antebellum very much too.

    1. #hugs u#
      we just love the same songs dont we?
      im glad u like it and i wish you a wonderful 2013 feyi hun

  4. Thank God for the day I found your blog. Happy new year sugarspring!!

    Nice video/song.

    1. awww...glad i found yours too sughar!
      have a fab 2013!!!
      glad u enjoyed the song

  5. Love this post. Happy new year to you.

    1. thnks babes
      happy 2013 to you too.wishing you the best

  6. Replies
    1. happy new year Tamie!!!...have a fab 2013 dearie

  7. Happy new year beautiful . Every single day of the year 2013 will be glorious in Jesus name

    1. amin oooo
      thank you sykik and God bless you
      wishing u the best in this 2013 hun!!

  8. You are tres much! Happy new yr sis!

    1. hehehe@tres much...this made me smile within
      Happy 2013 In the lovey!!..and thanks fr being a part of my 2012. God bless u

  9. Wow you are so sweet. Happy New Year Hun!

    1. you toooo...lool..
      and what other reason do i have to be different when i bear the name sughar in front..hehe..i know that sounds dry but just fr the sake of cliches, we'll laff it off
      wishing u a God-filled 2013 funmi.xo

  10. Very sense making post.. Happy I found your blog dearie.

    Happy new year to you dearie

    1. thank you becqui...muah!!
      glad i found yours too and ur personality included..wink*

  11. You are so funny Sugarspring! This is my best bit cos it is so true:

    'I've lived, loved, laughed and wondered right here thanks to you guys
    i've seen the passion in people when they write..their passion for God, for life, the emotions they try so hard to conceal but just end up spilling out everything on a post like splashing paint on a clean canvas and i've seen empathy, sympathy and love'

    Sometimes my mgm reads some of my 'anguish' blogs and he says, 'people will know what you are trying to say without saying it. They will read between the lines. '. I am like, 'I hope so. I really hope so'.

    Happy New Year again Sugarspring!!!!! Mwaah!

    1. muah!! muah!! muah!!
      awwww @ur hubby's speculation
      thanks fr being a blessing to me Salt. just like your name and i wish you a God-filled year filled with joy and love. may God give you the grace to keep seasoning everyone you come in contact with including blogsville
      happy 2013 hun!

    2. I know....He is protective like that BUT then again, he also knows that people will get that he is probably the source of my pain sometimes. Lol! I tell him, I have never told anyone he was perfect for neither am I but what I have said and what I do know for sure is that we have what I call a 'deep love'. It can take it all. Just like God's love, abi? Mwaah Sugarspring! Hapi Nu Year to you too my love! And in 2013, try to build in some rest into that schedule of yours. Let;s always make time to get away to our quiet place with our Source.

  12. happy new year to you dear, you keep disappearing and reappearing on blogsville.
    I trust you are doing well, yes?

    1. hey Priscy!!happy new year to you...ive missed u here i guess. tot u were keeping malice with me sef(just joking bt a lil serious tho..hehe
      dont mind my disappearing and appearing act oo.
      im fine thank God and i wish you a wonderful 2013 dearie

  13. Real glad I found your blog too, your comments on my blog leave me inspired. God bless you sis and have a really beautiful 2013.


  14. Hi dear. I have tagged you in the BBC book list tag. Please, check the most recent post on my blog for details.

  15. Happy new year Sugar!!!!

  16. Blessings, happy new year and you are welcome....
    May blessings flow through you, in you and around you.


  17. Bless the day i found you too. Happy new year hun. Love the song oh... :)


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