Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Heat and other stories

this heat in Lagos presently ehnn...chai!!..
it is something else. it can make you wonder what the big deal is with Mr. Sun..and you're like.."haba! it's not a competition now, you'll be the hottest of heavenly bodies which the earth revolves round.
i think of this and something pops up.."you're talking to the sun like he can hear you..thats where it all starts, why don't you talk to the ONE who created the sun. he can hear you.''
and so Father Lord, i pray you send down rain.'' xoxo

So many things have happened, from learning new things and from realizing that the only important thing in this life after its all been said and done is where we'll spend eternity. so many young people dying these days.., so many crazy things happening. incest rape, killings, and all sorts but i know one thing..
"I shall not be afraid for the terror by night nor for the arrows that fly by day.''

I'm learning to shut up when i should. gosh! its so not easy

Have you ever heard an incident or hear people talk and you're like


people dont fear God..mere man that today is a flower and tomorrow withers away and you talk like you own life itself.
what to do?
Pray for them, that God may open their eyes for the 'god' of this world had blinded them. cos come to think of it..Seriously!..if that person dies tomorrow, what next? will he still have mouth to talk?
well, just so you know...prayers cannot be said for the dead...once dead, you're gone.

I have so much more to write, i know i've been away for a while and i just had to put up something.
so apart from reading that a nine year old is reading "50shades of grey'' which is quite devastating enough most especially in this present world we're living in and making me to wonder why a housewife would write a book like that thinking children and teenagers won't get their hands on it and she's like..."oh no!..i dont want teenagers reading that book...'' c'mon! who are you fooling?
even me myself moi is like WT!!!!!! is this and how come people think this is okay?
Well, guess what Madame!!!! loads of kids will get their hands on that book and the world can say all sorts for all i care but know one thing.."you reap what you sow.''
We shall all give account of everything we do either you like it or not, believe it or not...

okay, I don't know why i just spilled all that right now and took it kinda personal..maybe its because i'm a little angry at the way we take little things for granted, or the way people keep coming into the pharmacy knowing they''re hurting themselves with whatever they're doing and are bent on doing what is in their heart.
or maybe its because people are trying to be diplomatic and cover the truth.., put into the bible what isnt there, or try to make God conform to their own ways than they conforming to his
its NOT just right
God is more than all of this, more than what you can ever imagine and is NO respecter of anybody! Yes, he is LOVE..HE reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy LOVES US SO..but a time will come when our cards have to be placed on the table.

If it's not godly, it's not, don't try and make it look that way. Don't give us bible verses or call God's name to make people sit comfortably in their seats. Dont try and tell me 'we're helping God.'' or "we watch porn to improve our sex life.''
Well, the bad news is..even the people right there in the porn act need God's divine intervention. dont believe me? you think it's normal for adults to have sex for the whole wide world to see all in the name of money? and people have gotten depressed afterwards and fallen into sin?
You think its just TV? you think the world runs on its own and whatever happens happens? You think the whole antagonism against God is just normal and its "one of those things?''

Think again!

You can never be warm or you get spewed. You are either Cold or Hot! shikena!
You are either for God or the small small, little little.."thats the way we roll baby.''

Satanists are not ashamed to talk about their master, so why should you? in fact they throw it into our faces everyday and yet God mutters to you to talk about him and you're like.."what will people think?''

People call God or talk about God or talk about Purity and it's seen like ewo!!..abomination..kai!! it is impossible.
well, tell that to your creator when you get there. if it wasn't possible, he wouldn't have sent Jesus, and He wouldn't have requested that We be holy, and we should present ourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable.
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God!

 A Lady or Guy says he/she wants to keep herself and the thing is all over the news and people are like.."umm..haar...hoor.., he probable prefers having sex with men etc.If that same person becomes a dog overnight, the same paparazzi are the ones that will carry the scandal o! yeye people
Do not cast your pearls before swine my dear..Yelz! the bible says so. Those people that cannot understand what you're doing and want to bring you down with them.

Dont bother arguing with them.

Just pray for them abeg. You don't convict people of their sins. God does and it's who he wills that will come to Him. Do your part and leave the rest for God.

Me i'm not claiming Perfection ooo!!..or Holy Miss or Saint stuffs, in fact, i'm asking God for mercy and grace knowing i cant do it on my own and if i continue my nonchalant attitude, i will meet with my maker one day and everything i've done, coded and uncoded will be displayed.
my motives for doing things, my actions and my words will be passed through fire to be tested.

Whoosh!!! Now this is a long post...
How i got all this out, i don't know...
ok..see ya!


  1. The truth is the truth, the fact that you are even coming out to say it is refreshing, alot of people won't agree with what you have said but i believe "truth is bitter" its hard to swallow but doesn't make it less of a truth anyways. glad you brought this out. No warm, its either hot or cold. God made me realise that a few months ago.. (y) Well said

    1. thanks tomi
      yes o,you can never be on the fence. its either you're hot or cold.

  2. Word!! and well said....most times we try to paint falsehood all colours to appear true. Thanks for your exaltation this morning

    1. hello eyes of truth!!
      and happy new year ooo!!
      you welcome and tanx fr dropping by

  3. Love this post! Thanks for putting it up!

    It's becoming increasingly difficult for people (especially Christians) to stand up for what the bible says as it's become so unpopular, yet the bible calls us the light of the world which has no use when its hidden under a bushel.. It's time to come out from the bushel and stand rightfully on the mountaintop!

    Many more please xx

    1. as in!!! its becoming so hard and i'm wondering what in the world is going on!!
      the world shouldnt be the one dictating what you want or the way you should live or what you should do. WE are the Light of the WORLD. the SALT of the earth. its impossible to mix or hide under a bushel cos we're meant to shine forth in a dark world.
      the Word says.."come out and be ye separate. Be as doves in the midst of wolves and be vigilant!! and dont be like the foolish virgins who were so careless that they didnt carry extra oil and were left behind.
      the end times are here already and we better be alert
      thanks 1+the one for dropping by. i appreciate you.

  4. First of all, forgive me? You know why.

    You speak truth but what I never understand is how come so many people will come here and commend you for it (as I have just done or will do soon) YET nothing changes. If so many people believe this should be said more, stood up for more, if so many of us agree that we should shine our light more, sprinkle our salt more (had to put that in there being Salt and all. Lol!) Then WHY oh WHY is nothing changing.

    I was at Mothers day function at my kids' school today and I wanted to weep. If women, MOTHERS could dress that way to a school event, WHO on earth is going to correct our daughters when they want to dress crazily tomorrow? True, the theme was colour blocking/sweet sixteen BUT the truth is we are NOT sixteen anymore! Plus, there is a decent way to do 'sixteen' especially if you are a size 20!!!!

    OK, sorry, I am ranting.....should not be doing that in your own space. So tell me, why won't a 9 year old be reading that book that I personally believe will not add value to my life......But that's me. The question is where did she get it? Who gave it to her? Every time I talk about the indecent ways young girls and teens are dressing these days MANY moms agree with me and I always wonder is we all agree then WHO are the ones letting their daughters out dressed like skanks!

    OK, I have gone off track totally....So let me just stop now......*exhaling*.

    Bottom line? Many of us know all you have just vexed about....We know.....we just think we have more time. Truth is....your next moment is not guaranteed. At the end of the day, we shall face our truths....Nothing we said or blogged will save us. Only our truths as will be revealed on THAT day.

    Have you forgiven me? Please do.

    1. hahahaha Salt!!!you know i have no choice but to forgive you and hug you for your exaltation. its sooooooooo true!!
      as in, its so annoying when ppl cant do or refuse to do the right thing all in the name of fashion or "my life" or "my child" and its getting so out of hand
      exactly!! if mothers agree about this topic, then who are the ones doing the opposite.
      the housewife that wrote the 50shades of grey sef, wont she have kids, or if she doesn't, wont she have one day and those kids will see the work of their mother
      God is not mocked. we will all reap what we sow
      sometimes, i dont even go farther when i hear some people talk or i hear their role model cos you are what you watch, listen to and read.
      and you don't expect your children to do as you say cos they'll definitely do as you do.
      May God help us all Salt to stand and be good role models for our kids in Jesus name.amen
      tanx fr dropping by as always..#hugs you much#

  5. And this is what i call "spilling" #sigh. I saw a video recently of probably a 12ish boy & girl dancing at a party and i was scared...enough to consider to birthing. To think adults were there and it was recorded.

    1. chai!!!!12year old!!!!...thats very sad.
      this same parents would be the same ones complaining when something goes wrong or if that child turns into something else
      tanx toin fr stopping by. appreciate.

  6. Ha! she came back, gave us a hard-knock truth, and will then disappear again! issorit!
    Totally go in line with salt comment, like the way she put it...we ALL know the truth! BUT.....there is always a BUT!.......we allow the pleasures of the flesh and vanity to reode our thoughts.
    One thing I know is that we humans simply deceive ourselves!

    1. yelzz oo simply meee
      yes, a part of us know the truth but we just keep ignoring it till it dies away and our conscience hardens till we feel no more
      tanx fr stopping by simply mee

  7. If only we all can be the change we desire to see in others. The cares of this world has taken so many of us far away from God , it's becoming scary. Parents can't be good examples to children, siblings can't be good examples to each other and even our leaders aren't good examples to the followers. God help us all. I am really working on myself to be better help me God. I no wan enter hell fire.

    The heat in Lagos is on another doesn't make hell fire look sexy one bit...

    1. LMAO!!!!!!..sykik ooo!
      selxy hellfire?!! that one no dey oo..loool
      it saddens me that even the celebrities that parents model their kids after are not it at all and its so shameful
      se you know someone said a similar thing to what you said. that if the heat is this bad, then hell fire is not it all ooo!!!
      God will help us all and keep transforming us till we're perfect in Jesus name. amen

  8. Phew!!!...and a big Hug

    That being said, may we all that agree with you find the grace to be the light in our little corners. AMEN.

    As for the sun...story for another day

    1. hahahahaha..
      Jhazmyn love!!! how are you?
      hugs you right back!
      amen oo...amen


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