Saturday, 12 May 2012

Not a movie freak, but I just love good movies

 I love movies. 
Some of my friends have actually thought me an addict, while some have just stared wide eyed at me when I start the movie rambling talk
Some just simply take a chair and sit down to listen to the new movie im gonna gist them, but that’s not what I’m about to do. It’s a long summary and I may still have lots of movies I love and unmentioned but this is my Movie list and I won’t mind watching it over and over again.
I also love movies I could at least learn from
Oops!!!...lest I forget!!...i watched Avengers and Its in my list. I just don’t know where it should be. Should I displace my number one or what?....#scratching head..
Oh goodness, you need to see the Avengers!!!! was hotttttttttttttt and I give it a 9/10. Was it the emotion, the acting and the fight!!!!...gosh, the fight was steaming. I was at the edge of my seat and staring at the screen. And I screamed…oh boy!!!...i screamed!!!! And I couldn’t scream enough and I wasn’t high o….neither was I on drugs…I was just happy.
Robert downey(iron man)aka Tony stark
Chris Evans (captain america)
Jeremy runner(hawk eye)aka agent banton
Scarlett johansenn (black widow)aka agent romanoff
mark rufallo (incredible hulk)aka Dr.Bruce Bana...keep smashing
Chris hemsworth(thor of Asgard!...u rock!
LOkI...ummm bad guy...god of a good one from the HULK
am i leaving anybody out?
Well, that’s what a blockbuster could do to me.#biggrin# brings out the playful side of me and you’ll be like,….What?! is this the same girl I know….
As for LORD OF THE RINGS….dont worry, you’re not taking the back seat yet. You’re still a classic!

Hunger games” didn’t satisfy my hunger…oops..sorry, but twas aiit..

John carter!!!!!....i need to do more justice to that movie. Watching it once wasn’t just enough for me but it’s Disney now… the action was Whoa!!!!...and trust a little humor too”

I guess I just don’t know what number to put the above movies mentioned but I love them
Don’t worry, might keep you guys posted about the most anticipated movies of 2012. A new spidey is showing up and The Hobbit is still for December. May God keep us till then
Here goes my best movies of all time

20. Twin dragon
This movie was very hilarious courtesy Jackie chan. I might not be a devoted fan but I kept laughing at the twin switching and the martial arts. Believe me when I say Jackie’s good!!! in…real good with his skills

19.operation condor
Jackie again at his best but I do remember watching this over and over again just to recite lines with my brother and keep laughing. And I tell you I wont mind watching it again


18. Thor
Watched this last year and to be sincere with you guys, I was wondering in my mind when I saw the poster…like Who in the world will go to the cinemas and watch this especially when I had the comic one time like that(but didn’t really read it enough to judge..just saw a guy carrying something funny looking on his head and I knew he used a hammer)
But believe me guys when I saw this movie, I learnt something. Humility brings out the best in you.
Thor!!!...keep slamming your hammer down!

17. Real steel
i kept playing back d movie where the kid was doing his stunt till i was caught red handed but that didn’t stop me from loving a clean action packed movie filled with robot boxing
Hugh jackman did not disappoint me big time and what can I say when Steven Spielberg is one of the brains behind this awesome movie

a movie packed with celebrities and i wasn’t disappointed...
the good thing about it was that i didn’t know where they were coming from and where they were going when i first watched d movie and so i was caught off-guard by the action plus fantasy plus comedy

i keep watching this movie and keep laughing.. don’t know if they got me enchanted too..LOL

 with Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore in a duet, couldn't love this animation movie more
it should have earned more than enchanted(didn’t make much of a box office) but i guess as the name says..they probably got tangled up by Enchantments but i loved d effects and the songs.
Someone was wondering why I would go all the way to the cinemas to see this. It’s a cartoon for goodness sake, but I love good cartoons. Please don’t call me an agbaya o(LOL) afterall, it was adults who did the animation and stuff

13)...face off(1998)
"i want his face-oFF!" casto troy says

starring Nicholas cage and Travolta

12)...karate kid 2(1986)
i guess thats what jaden smith was trying to copy in the recent karate kid but it wasn’t just up to.i still love Daniel larusso…its an old movie but I’d prefer it any day any time



11) night with the king(2009)..
Made me see esther's story from a diff perspective


10)...The mummy (1999)
i fell in love with brendan fraser and rachel weisz in this movie...2 extremely different people motivated by different things and yet they have d same destination. The adventure was cool for me and the sand effects not excluding the greedy brother..LoL

9).The mummy Returns (2001)

it might not have been necessary to do a PART2 but they made it fit...REINCARNATION???!!!...who would have known!!!..loool


Liam neeson
"i'll find you...and i'll kill you"
the bad guy snorts"GOODLUCK!"
...."do you remember me...i told you i was going to kill you when i find you"

i dont know if i got it right but just take it as a paraphrase..
they kidnapped this guy’s daughter and he took a bold step of faith and went in search of his daughter. I bet you he brought back that girl, but with a broken arm.
my head sparked and i felt like i was in LIAM's shoes and i was going to get each one of them..i introduced it to my friends and they loved it...twas a great muvie!!!

7)...jingle all the way(1996) a Christmas story courtesy Arnold
Schwarzenegger and Sinbad
"its turbo tiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmeeeeee!!!


6)...john Q
"you've gotta do something doc!
i still don’t know why denzel and Kimberly elise didn’t get an Oscar for this!...cant remember if I cried but it touched me real deep!!

5)indiana jones...
starring Harrison Ford in all four

4)so many movies competing for this space

3)...sound of music(1965)
I love Julie Andrews. That woman is a classic. Governess Maria who later became a Von trap family member. So many songs…eg I am sixteen going on seventeen, favorite things, Do Re Mi, the hills are alive with the sound of music!!! And so much more I still sing till date. For me, it gets a 10/10 

Me singing.."edelweiss, edelweiss, every morning you greet me, small and bright, clean and bright, you look happy to meet me....etc"

2)it’s a wonderful life(1946)
Warning!....this movie is in black and white but ohhhhh!!! I loved this movie. It teaches so much lesson and its still one of America’s inspirational movies but ignore the old school and watch it.

1)...A walk to remember(2002)
 starring Mandy Moore and Shayne West
this movie made me weep like a baby when i first saw it and especially when i knew it was based on a true life story. I’m not a fan of Nicholas sparks(message in the bottle, notebook, the last song etc) but when I saw it was written on behalf of his sister who was dying and the guy who still loved her enough to marry her, I sobered!
i wasnt myself for days
beautiful acting and real chemistry...wonder why they were not nominated for a big award or something
i think they're bribing those acacdemy award ppl..hmmmph!
I have so much more, could even reach a hundred but I just wanna curb it to this point cos I wanna see ur own movie likes too….on a count of 10 or more if you have..lets share, laugh, compare and have fun.

NB...Terminator and spiderman3 should be in the list but i guess that explains the number 4 blank space that i left.
i stole some of the posters from Movie reveiews blog(Tlag)***he's my paddy and so i guess i'm allowed. now if you think i love movies, try visiting his blog and you'll see i'm just a quarter of what he watches...


  1. Wow! you really must lurrrrv movies. anyways, there's no better way of chillaxing than watching a great movie while munching a favourite snack! YES ("i'll find you...and i'll kill you"
    the bad guy snorts"GOODLUCK!") my best movie of all times is TAKEN...i can watch it a zillion times and still fell that rush of excitement.

  2. Wow, I love movies too. I did not start watching movies till 2006, can you imagine? But I think I am getting to e an addict now.

    I never knew thor was in avengers o.... and I loved thor. Gotta see avengers fast, though I hear its overhyped.

    1. 2006...are u serious..well welcome to da club hunnie!
      the overhyping did not in twas steaming hot!!!...and i hope you've seen iron man 1 and 2, captain america and incredible hulk separately before you watch it o..cos i had a frnd who said she hadnt seen iron man and so was not really feeling the movie..u get?
      its just like watching a series from season 3 or 4...if u know what i mean..u myt nt enjoy or understand it that much
      as for the guys...#biggrin#..they cant wait for part2
      as for me, its AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!!

  3. I really didn't feel Thor but that Chris Hemsworth so is yum!!!! but how come Titanic is not on this list?

    Well, i love good movies too and off the top of my head i have: Armageddon, My sister's Keeper, 3 idiots, Finding Nemo, Life stinks, Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, X-men, Red, The Mechanic, Erin Brokovich, Sleepless in Seattle, Con Air..ok, that's enough lol

    So you aren't a movie freak huh? Someone's in denial lol

  4. loool...@the yummy chris hemsworth
    titanic wud hv been in the past but as at now, its kind of a depressing movie for me, Jack dying and all, the guy who was saying "even God could not sink the ship" and therefore putting people's life in jeopardy.still prefer A walk to remember
    yes!!!!armageddon should be in my list and 3 idiots.
    Xmen first class and Xmen2 was cool. that was a cool movie!!
    con air was wonderful..his daughter's bday was the same day he was getting released and all those crazy stuffs happening made him arrive unprepared. the soundtrack couldnt fit any movie better
    sleepless in seattle, now thats another classic
    ummm,..Finding u like cartoons too...nice not a movie freak..LOL

  5. and u say u are not a movie freak O_o. lol

    Anything with Denzel Washington in it count me in...he is my all time crush :D

  6. as in...Denzel is my guy....he's just too good..#dreamysmiles#
    thanks aloted for dropping by...i appreciate


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