Tuesday, 10 July 2012

christianity and Religion: 2 different things


N.B: Christianity is NOT a Religion but a Way of Life

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the father except through Him- John 14v6

"And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch"Acts 11:26c

I don't know how many people are familiar with this thing. "if you're not a Muslim, neither a pagan(there was a time people were so scared to identify with paganism but now, the boldness has come forth in atheism), then you are most definitely a Christian and so JUST fill the FORM already!!!
'......umphhh...shebi you go to church now, at least, you show face and warm the bench or ogle the preacher...same noni...LOL...we're going to church together and so therefore we are all Christians"
 is there any wonder Nigeria has so many churches and Yet the corruption is beyond human reasoning
need i go any further...i guess not

The term christian was coined from the above chapter in the bible that something happened before they were tagged "Christians" and it wasn't because ''them say'' or "i go to church" or "thats my parents religion.''
There was something unique about "Christians" in the bible times. They followed Christ. they ate Christ. They slept Christ. They drank Christ and everything was "Christ" to them.
Jesus wasn't a part of their life...., He wasn't something to be considered as an offer or something we can just fit INTO a schedule
Jesus was their SCHEDULE
Jesus was THEIR LIFE
 I'm not preaching oo, and pls don't run away that..."hian...this geh has started again oo.'' it was just a training procedure God took me through and the Book of Ecclesiastes made me see that the whole duty of man in this Life is to "Fear God and obey His commandments...for this is Man's all. For God will bring every work into judgement, including every secret thing, whether good or evil''

I hear of deaths around and I even have family friends I've lost and I begin to wonder..."omg!!!...so is that where it all ends...is that ALL??....all we've struggled to attain in life just gone like that. We came into this world with our palms closed wanting to grasp everything we see and yet when We DIE, we return with our hands wide open, hereby confirming that bible verse that says.."What is man that you should be mindful of Him?....
We are like a flower, here today and fading tomorrow and How do we give account to our creator about the life spent on earth
DID we live for "US" or we Lived for "HIM"
I wont lie to you, this thought scares me sometimes cos i know when a situation presents itself, before i say Jack!...my mind has already calculated and then that nudge will come.."sisi...who first?...you or God?

Christianity is a way of life. it isn't a role we play like we are on stage and we're doing some dress rehearsal and then when we're done...we pull off our costumes and dash off to a different life.

SOmetimes, when I talk, some of my friends will be like.."you're being too churchy..itumo..''you're taking this Christianity thing too serious naww..ahn ahn..even to the extent its affecting your thinking...LOL"...
Well, news flash.."Jesus took my salvation pretty serious. He could have just been like the UN-serious me y'know..Tell Jah that we need to cool things down and y'know take things slow.''

after all, there's still plenty of time."

But No, He didn't look back. A whole God came in form of MAN because of me and bore that heavy cross and allowed His wrists bleed as he hung on the cross for how many hours
(i remember while i was in sec school that time when they told us to fly our arms, after a few minutes, i would be crying thinking i was going to collapse or perhaps faint and then those so called seniors will Know)

emi nikan tan?....Jesu oma se gan ooo

Christianity is a life time choice. Christianity is different because it promises you eternity with the father and IS the only ONe that tells US that We have been reconciled to God through ONE mediator Jesus Christ. It is the one that people were matyred for even when their environment wanst conducive enough and they had it at the back of their mind as they ran the race:
Christ is our living Hope
Christanity has defied logic and cannot be understood by the Human mind because God has used the foolish things of this world to confound the wise
and so, have it in mind that "you cant serve Gd and something else. you cant put your hand to the plow and look back. you cant get enlisted in God's army and deploy.
you wanna know what's WORSE?,..."you cant EVEN SIT on the FENCE...ummm...beni oo...it is not allowed. EVEN the bible says it..whoever is not for God is against Him''
Joshua made that cry that day in the book of Joshua.."choose ye this day whom you shall serve, but as for me and my family ooo, we go serve Baba God'' rephrased

A war is coming beloved one of God. i don't know if you can sense it but as a Christian, you should
2Tim2v4 says.."No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that He may please Him who enlisted Him as a soldier"
and so, stand up and fight the good fight because our adversary the Devil goes about like a roaring Lion looking for whom to devour.
(ummm am sure you'll be wondering that this girl too dey like fight talk o jere.(thinking to self..".ummm...maybe thats why I Love Lord of The Rings movie o..who knows..good side against the bad sight..ge geun.)
When the bridegroom comes(which is indeed very soon), do not let Him meet you sleeping ooo...or dozing off sef. Let your eyes be shining like torch light and Please keep your Lamp burning
Overall, I say Watch and Pray
May God keep us all strong oo till then....amin jesu(amen)


  1. As in, I always wonder myself about the many churches..the one that hits close to home for me is the fact that there are so many church groups/fellowships on my university‘s campus and yet so many corrupt students, most who attend those groups themselves.

    Yeah “Jesus took our salvation pretty serious“ :)

    I thank God for giving you so much insight on this.

    1. Yea...as in dt church own is d height..so many churches one wud think its a business center and yet d ppl keep acting rotten.
      Yea..I thank God too and tanx fr dropping by dear.God bless

  2. hmmmmmm...preachhhh i know u said u were not preaching but preachhhhhh

    well written....God bless u...

    i know what you mean about your friends saying your own is too much, when u start talking Jesus stuff...i get that too o..

    have u read this book- the shack? i am going to blog about it soon..but that book just made me realise AGAIN that having a relationship with Christ is different from religion..they are TOTALLY different.

    Pls read this book if u haven't.

    meanwhile are u on twitter?

    1. Tanx aloted...the shack..sounds familiar bt I haven't read it.
      As for twitter..yea..still d username sugarspring.u cud tell me urs too

  3. I said just similar thing in Sting blog 'Salvation is personal, work it out yourself.
    I don't like playing church....i have developed a personal relationship with my creator and wish others will do so without forcing their ways into other people's throat!
    It is not by what we do or don't do, that GOD loves us....hence i like @ilola poem so much 'GOD ALMIGHTY FORMULAR'.....HIS ways and thoughts are different from ours.
    An enjoyable post Spring :D

    1. Tanx.Yes ooo..I love that line in which u said it is not by what we do or don't do that makes God love us (bt obedience is important).afterall,we didn't even do anything bfr He gave us his son.ilola's poem was nice.

  4. You should read a poem of mine called Akanni street, lol.

    Yea, you were preaching o, but preaching aint bad. As I tell people, I can only speak the language I understand, so if salvation or Jesus is the language I understand, then that is what I will speak.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks atilola...as in what other language is there to understand better than Jesus is the center of our life.
      I will check out ur poem when I'm on my lappy

  5. Yes oh... Preach it sis!! Jesus is the real deal oh. Thanks for this, just a reminder that we have to be on our toes and chose to live a Christ like life and keep at it. God help us all

    1. Amen oo...God will help and strengthen us and yes..we are bound to forget the importance of our salvation sometimes and we need daily reminders that this place is not permanent
      Thanks drama queen..#wink#


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