Friday, 6 July 2012

I cry

hey you

I was going to write something else about Grace and ask for your views but as the computer began loading, something else came up and here it is
Its been a while I wrote a poem, even for church but this just came write right up

Look at what we've lost
Look at how much we've turned sore
Look at how much the enemy stands to gain
At our terror, misery and disdain

Oh, I see how much has gone
I ponder on how much more will still be lost
Is it when our veils are completely consumed
Or the earth screams at such bloodshed resumed?

We cry against bloodshed! bloodshed!! bloodshed!!!
We scream against it every time lives are lost

I cry against the bloodshed of an innocent unborn soul that found her way to an unloved womb
I cry against the bloodshed of lives flung carelessly in the bid of political gain
I cry against bloodshed that lies within each one of us when someone hurts us so much
I cry against the claws of hatred, anger and nonchalance as it tears us away from the truth

And what is the Truth?

We have allowed the sly one to creep into our daily walk with the One who formed our existence into being
We have wasted so much time analyzing so much that there's little or no time for action
We have made our most "valuable asset"called "Prayer" a Past tense and tagged it as a Religious rite or better said, 'Exercise"
We have become too familiar with what is right so much that we're beginning to see the "Truth" as myth or fallacy
We look at the palm of our hands, not to see the beautiful In-scripted strokes of our uniqueness by our creator but we READ them to foretell the future
So much is happening around us, so much has gone
And are we ready to loose our remnants to the Sands of time while we drown in its heap?

P.S....I would love you guys to tell me what you saw when you read this poem.(honestly)
 I really need to see your point of views and how different it is from mine

Happy reading guys and have a lovely weekend..


  1. Deep and moving.

    I saw the boko haram situation when reading it.

  2. Hmmm..this is some depth, I see all the wrongs we have been through as a country, and how its become a way of life,a norm...I see us having this attitude 'bloodshed is not a big deal'

  3. I see the decay in our Nation Nigeria, I see the Boko Haram situation, I see our nonchalant attitude to the happenings in our nation and I see a cry for the nation to wake up from its slumber.

  4. just like dayor said... I see all the wrong things in society in there. beautiful piece!

    how have you been anyway dear? thanks for the check ups, I appreciate.

  5. thanks guys...i really appreciate your views...God bless you richly


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