Thursday, 19 July 2012

Grace....what is it?



 When reading most of Paul's letters through the bible, at the end of his letters, he always leaves it with the Grace of the Lord Jesus be with you or something like that

If you don't believe me, check out his letters from The book of Corinthians
and so this left me wondering after a while what this Grace meant and what it was all about and why was he always extending it to those people including all of us
and whats this "thing" that God has so much of and if not careful, can be taken for granted...
and why is it that it cannot abound while "WE' continue to sin as Paul says and He uses the word.."God forbid"...
most especially for believers..or rather people who have realized what the Christian race is all about

I watched this "Women of Faith's video of Extravagant grace" and I was so touched at the various ways these wonderful women explained this grace in their own terms...most especially two women who explained it as something extraordinary
I listened to John Bevere's message (trust me, this guy and his wife Lisa Bevere are hot for God..they explain things so indepth that i never even realized and His wife is a big inspiration to me and every young lady who wants to get closer to God...she's very transparent) about Grace and He called it ability.
and so, after much thinking, meditating and one day while i was praying, this word spilled from my lips...
"the grace you extended to that thief on the cross"
and so I wonder, whats the difference between Mercy and Grace?

well, I'm not going into that now, all I wanna put down is what I feel Grace is...

"Grace is what was extended to the thief on the cross while Jesus bled...repeated
 "Grace is what was extended to us on the cross by God even when He knew we were merely humans and have the capacity to fall and fail every time
"Grace is what Jesus extended to his disciples to spread the Word that it might reach we the Gentiles
"Grace is what is given to us even when all the  ODDS are definitely against us
"Grace is the ABILITY of God to trust us and hand over some tasks to us. For He said."My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness
"Grace is greater than our sin
"Grace is our lifeline
"Grace is God's amazing strength...filled with Love but yet so firm and strong
"Grace is what prevails even when its obvious there's no way out
"Grace is the pillar we lean on

and so do you have any other insight into what Grace is?... I would love to know more about this Amazing grace


  1. Grace to me, is HE still loving me regardless of ALL my flaws, which are many!

  2. WOW!!!...i love this...thanks for ur contribution

  3. i have seen grace work in my life over and over and over again.

    and i totally do not deserve it.


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