Friday, 13 July 2012



I look at some pictures or passerby and wonder why some people on Sunglasses look like blind folks rather than sexy peeps
Is it just my mind or am i .... ?
and then its worse when you wear it at night...please don't ever do that again..and not even in your car!!!...jeez. do you want to run into people??!!

Well, I think one gets to observe more when walking on foot. this has happened, not once, not twice but i just had to write it here
chai...Yoruba films sha...I'm a Yoruba girl, so don't worry, its it even only Yoruba films sef...or some of these films they produce these days
I was going oo...when I saw this big movie Poster advertising a Yoruba film.."ERU AYA"(for the non-yorubas...this means the load on a woman's chest!!...imagine that!!..smh!! how can that be the name of  a movie..
eru aya ko, eru okunrin ni...mscheww...i wont be surprised if they also turn the latter into a Yoruba movie too...

Another one I saw was "Gucci Girls"...the next thing we know, its Louis Vuitton Men we'll be hearing about SMH!! silly people..we can even go on and on.., "Facebook love" is another movie, before we know it now, they will do "Twitter Love"'s another one that made me laugh...,Jonathan part 1 and part 2 and there was a man who actually posed on the poster as Jonathan...with that his garment or whatever it is he wears almost every day...This movie actually came out during that time of the subsidy issue ooo... 

With all of the above, I knew creativity most definitely jumped out of the window and left them blank

Please...ahn ahn...even Ralia the sugar girl and Queen Premiere that I read in nursery/primary school sounds better than all this stupid movie names...Enid Blyton was a delight even with Sir peeps-a lot and all of those her funny British names
I think i can stand watching Bollywood than all this films...this reminds me of the joke basket mouth was cracking one time about Naija movies, Indian movies and chinese movies...gosh..twas so funny..i dont wanna start recapping all that stuff now but there was one chinese film i saw that naija people refurbished and i heard that was where one slang like that came to sounded something like...
Jooor oo.., mo le fi boko haram se tenant o(meaning,...pls oo, I cannot take boko haram as a tenant o)
as in, people were pulling so many stunts with this Joor oo slang that after a while, that one dried out.
naija ppl are creative if they use their talents but i guess some people don't even want to stress themselves

Do they think good movies take one week to make, or rather good creative stories...?

ohhh...talking about movies...see me o...i don't know who sent me message o.. i was browsing when i remembered one nice Indian film i watched sometime ago and  i went know most of those their names are long one kind and so i found the whole movie and downloaded it
i dont think i wanna do this again...
what could be worse? subtitle..and I was like..what!!...who watches an Indian movie without subtitle...and so another journey began and I had to start looking for good sites where to download the subtitle for that particular movie bearing in mind that time was going and I had this IPRAY 4 U challenge prescribed by aloted...and so, I knew I had to do fast
but I finally found it sha..God will deliver me from this liking of film too much ahn ahn..but there are certain ones i can watch sha

If atilola can be telling me nawa oo..lool...then I need to mellow

but the movie was cool, those days, when we were young, Indian films don't do kiss kiss and so as kids, we could leave our eyes open then but now..even as an adult,.me I don't know whats going on ooo.
And again, the boy was willing to die for the girl(Indian romeo and Juliet)...loool..their love sef, dey gan ooo..ahn will think the girl was going to have asthma attack...
and then i wondered...naija love is not like this oo...boy die for girl ke, most especially when her father is a mobster.(don't know how many of you watched the godfather).iro!!.."pls let me find my way, if it's meant to be, then it will happen"..LOL
The guy and the girl were good looking..that hair and that face..ahn ahn..God is awesome ooo...

This Indian people take style fine too oo..and you need to see the changes that have undergone their dress code and everything but i guess the dramatic aspect and culture is still so ever present...and they have loads of humor too...with that their constant shaking of head they have too many gods...

let me ask a question it every Indian that knows how to dance(both men and women?
They too like ceremony and a half hour to sing and then the movie continues..

even at the end of SLumdog millionaire, they sang and they danced
3 idiots too wasn't an exception..

Why do people still think this guys are still alive?...#shakes head#people and their obsessions sha

My brother thinks there's more to it than meets the eye..

I went over to my former school a day back to sort out stuff and on entering the library, I saw a girl with earplugs and i wondered to myself..
Why come over to the library since you want to put on your earplugs?...are you not trying to get away from the noise
Well, I think i was guilty of that kind of stunt one time like that and soo...who am i to think like that
anyways...someone gave me a reasonable answer to that and i realized some kinds of music facilitate absorption
or rather...we just wanna shut out the whole world
For now, i guess thats It sweet folks...
essh...should I be using the "folks" word? the folks word reminds me of Kids say the dandiest things
why don't they do that show anymore?
k...i really have to stop here. this is just a brief peek into my mind
it really IS random!
Have a lovely weekend darlings


  1. As for me, I don't do nollywood ooo. I have too little time to waste over stories that are not creative. Can't they take examples from movies like The illusionist, inception and so many other movies that portray intellect?

    1. as in...dont mind them
      see that inception and the illusionist! in you'll watch films like that and you'll be like WOW!! it humans that actually thought about stuffs like this
      so many i cant even begin to mention right now
      and even sef...even if the movie is gonna be crap, PLS let IT HAVE A REASONABLE AND attractive name not stupid names like ..."AZONTO GHOST"...LMAO
      i got this from priscy's comment ooo...imagine that!

  2. 9ja films???....lailai!
    Bollywood?, count me in! Love the beauty and music...good for the eyes.
    They are getting more westernised sha, unlike the traditional epic ones i watched as a child.
    American films are my favs...esp romance comedy and drama.

    1. yea...i love nice romance and drama too
      lool@lailai for nollywood films and good for the you too are ogling them abi...komot ur eyes oo..lool
      i still prefer to watch bollywood sef than one of those silly naija films

  3. This is so random though lol. Nollywood oh nollywood. Saw a yoruba movie once that copied a nollywood movie (chori chopke I think) complete with the idiot-like uncle. Smh for creativity.
    Watching these movies would depend on my mood though

    1. ohhh...u mean chori chori chupke chupke abi? imagine that!
      really smh
      there was one movie too..A million tears..(naija film)that copied this american film(a walk to remember)..
      a friend said she was already even praising them that wow!this is a nice naija movie till she watched the american version that had been released back in 2002 and she was like...#shakes head and sigh#
      loool@nollywood ohh nollywood..

  4. The kind of titles being given some movies these days na wa sha! imagine a movie with a title like "Azonto ghost" where a ghost is seen dancing Azonto like say tomorrow no dey, smh
    Given me American high school comedy and all those series any day and am good to go.

    1. LMAOOOOO...omg!!!@azonto Ghost!!...can u imagine that?...hehehehe...orisirisi..
      oh goodness, i must tell someone so that we can laugh together....chai!!...AZOnto ghost???.....

  5. oh gawd, a ghost dancing Azonto.. hehehehhehe, like everything in Naija (sad to say) it's boiled down to money and no inspiration, I have no patience whatsoever for Nollywood, most of the films are an insult to people's intelligence!

    1. as in ma' hit the nail on the head big time
      money....thats all it boils down to
      checked out ur blog already..nice

  6. Indian movies are only movies nothing real in them...the men do not go about singing and dancing for their women. The Indians are still very much Indian, I think I only saw any Indian movie once during my 17months there.

    As for Nollywood, those ones are just something else...I reserve my comment on most of their movies.

    1. LMAO!!!...serious reservation of
      thanks for confirming the indian stuffz jare..i was beginning to wonder that do they do all these processing of dancing and singing bcos they want to woo a woman..loool
      thanks for stopping by dear


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