Sunday, 22 July 2012

a cold and broken halleluyah

The first time I heard this song was in the animated comedy SHREK...and please......if you havent seen this animation...or point blank cartoon and you need a good laugh...most especially when you're feeling somehow, gosh!!...this will give you a good laugh(the talking donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy)

 k, before I get carried away again, the part I realized I loved most about this song was the Title above which said, "its a cold and broken halleluyah" and Alexandra Burke did justice to that song (i don't know if that thing happens to you that there's one verse or line in a song that seems to make something tick in you)...I'd stopped listening to it in while due to a line that contradicted my faith but I heard the choir singing it in church and how that line was altered and I knew i could sing it again...
I knew I had missed singing the song, most especially with all the 'jara' the babes added..
I thought i was the only one who understood those "jara" stunts people add to music(that part where the artiste raises her voice in some sort of fantastic way that makes you smile that yes!!!...this babe knows how to tackle a good song) till I heard one of my friends singing It the way Alexandra did and I was like..."sigh!!....i'm so NOT the only one who pulls stunts like this when i do sing alongs.''
 but something else got to me when i listened to this song.., this "cold and broken halleluyah part made me realize that God wants us to come to him as broken vessels...with our imperfections so that He can make all things new and we shouldn't feel till we have done this or done that..
He wants you just the way you are

I mean seriously guys...whats the use of a vessel thats filled?..he wants to empty you of yourself so that you can be what He intends for you and not some false perfection.

"a broken and contrite spirit thou shall not despise" psalm51v17

Talk to him about your imperfections and how you want him to change you.. Talk to him like your lover..what am i saying...He is your lover. Who else could do what He did for you anyway? Who else looks at you like you're the most important thing in the world.....even more than his angels
A PEARL...thats what you are to Him, thats what He sees by the time he's through with you
I think when you listen to the song or rather know the song already, You might Get to appreciate or understand my gist
and so, I'm leaving you with the video song..or just song rather...

p.s...this is the only Alexandra Burke song I gbaduned..or is worth listening to either ways
pls...the vid is like 5 minutes but 1 min of this their intro talk so pls be patient wit me small...
ese gan..eku ife...meaning...thanks so much...for the is returned.

Halleluyah by Alexandra burke...enjoy


  1. HE is the great physician that heals the broken spirits.
    I like the song also.

    1. yes oooo...he heals the broken spirits
      aww...thanks for liking the song and for taking your time to listen simply mee

  2. very beautiful and meaningful song coupled with a lovely rendition. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. you welcome anytime casterbridge..
      yea..d song was beautiful

  3. I love this song. First time I heard it was in One Tree Hill I think. It gives me goose bumps

    1. as in...hi..fiving u on that one(pls dont mind my english..wink#...its allowed ryt?)
      i think that goosebumps happens to me often too when i listen to the song
      only God knows what they put in it..lool

  4. Lovely song! I love it too... thanks for sharing.

    1. you welcome...#dancing#am glad you liked it

  5. Really loved the song when I heard it on Shrek 1.
    What line's that, that you had a problem with?

    1. the part where she said.."maybe there's a God above...blah blah"
      but twas substituted with "i know that there's a God above"..
      hope u got my drift?

    2. ohh....I don't really hear all the lyrics to most songs sef...still trying to catch the line.

    3. lool...
      i think its at the third verse of the song...d beginning of the third verse

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