Saturday, 4 August 2012

Fridge Sanitation Day

This is an old note I wrote last year and I thought I should share it with you guys over here 

.......Saying this because there are some words that I wrote here which I've already discussed on my blog before or rather what you guys know me for already.

It was one of those days when you wake up to see another day. you don't have plans that are enough to get you on your feet but you've got to rise on your feet and get going
It was on a day like this I wished I could completely get rid of this flesh and hear God properly...

who am i kidding...I cant recollect if I was thinking about God presently. all that was on my mind was NEPA has done it again so get the spoilables out of the fridge and NEVER ever depend on them
and so, I opened the fridge and packed everything...mayonnaise,etc..don't mind me, I remember the mayonnaise quite clearly because of the creamy feel on bread and It wasnt my intent to watch it get spoilt.
Momma had been complaining of me neglecting the fridge and due to the constant supply of normal light in the last few days, i simply ignored her. I was beginning to wonder when i had become so lazy that even the thought of the fridge cleaning up itself wouldn't have been a bad idea.
But now, I looked at the open fridge and the smell emanating from it was enough to make me frown and shake my head..""GIRL!!!! have to get this little equipment cleaned....and whatever happens after that is not my business.if the light comes again, fine..if it doesn' least, its cleaned and if opened, no smell is going to greet me again.
when I got my Savlon, water, foam and sponge to work as determined, I cleaned it so well I extended to the body, my stickers i had placed on it glaring back at me making to remember how efficient I was in placing stickers on a dirty fridge. i was glad made me remember my hottie..(Winnie the Pooh).. lets get was at that point in my life something clicked in my head and my mind..CHANGE!!..God was using the scenario to point to me how we HUmans refuse to change when told.Sometimes, the spirit speaks, God tries to call our attention to something in our lives we need to change but we simply ignore it. and then He brings the INEVItable...(Forgive me for classifying PHCN"S light taking prank as INEvitable in Nigeria but I guess thats what its coming to).and then we feel so bad and terrible and thats when we smell a change and we realize that we have to get on our feet and do our GODgiven task. SOMETIMES,we've stayed too long on a mountain..(imagine the israelites wasted 40yrs)and all God wants us to do is CHANge!!!...MOVE!!!..get something doing and please!!! as i say not the other way round..God wants us to change...dont do a Christian.Religion does the same thing without bothering what God thinks.Christianity is doing all that pleases GOD and wanting him to say something!!..ANYthing!..Remember when we were kids and had a puppy who would jump, bark and hang its tongue out to lick your would wag its tail madly and if possible, jump on u to get your attention. sometimes, those silly dogs don't relent till u pat their head and say...''hey little guy or big gurl..good doggie or u carry them and smile at them, pretending like you wanna kiss them when you're so not going to!...well, thats what Christianity do all you can to Get God's attention and when you do, you'e glad, because whose time would you rather appreciate in God and MAn.....i choose GOD!...i dont know about you but all God wants some of us to do is CHANGE!
and like MY fridge and I, i heard God speaking to me in a simple, but yet illustrative way that got me thinking..don't let HIM PUSH you before you CHANGE


  1. Yea, sometimes, God breaks us with circumstances.

    Lemme mention this, do you know that bright texts on dark backgrounds is not friendly to some people's eyes? Some people don't even bother reading some blogs with dark backgrounds.

    1. Ohh sorry o, what was I thinking? It was my system that did not load your background completely, and gave me a very dark brown background. Your template is completely fine, pardon me.

  2. So on point. I don't know why the last paragraph resonates with me most, where you mentioned that when you're to choose btw man and God, appreciate God.
    ps: Lol Winnie is your hottie :)

    1. looool...@winnie...dnt mnd me oo...i just have a soft spot for the silly bear and his honey pot. he's gorgeous too
      am glad you could relate with the post dearie!!


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