Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Just Saying

"Even A fool is considered wise when he holds his peace.when he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive" Proverbs 17v28

I never really understood this part of the bible till I heard someone say something on TV when asked a question and then I shook my head and I'm like..."really?...'' do people actually think like this?!!!
Yes, I know everyone is entitled to his/her opinion when asked a question but haba naww...not on TV should you display foolishness

okay, the question was.."is sagging good or bad?''  (i think it was one of those red carpet or entertainment shows kinda thing) and then one lady says.."well, if your butt is goodlooking"
Another said.."well, it's the IN-thing, you trend and so just follow it" or something like that sha...cos it was so annoying especially when its a popular artiste that said it. Even when I mentioned it to someone while we were gisting, all he could infer was.."were you expecting a better answer from the artiste?''

Well, there was another one talking about "ugly temptation"...probably the name of his album and his song inclusive and so when he was asked what his phrase meant, the guy was like..."ehhnn, when a girl is not fine or rather, not pretty, and she begins to whine her waist so that he's tempted to touch her body, that's what he calls ugly Temptation!!

And guys!!.. I'm like..."eyebrows raised!!!!...seriously?....Someone is that shallow to say that?''
I think it's my fault that I expected more from the singer cos his video was just meaningless...

Wondering how I even watched the video in the first place huh?..lool..well, you know all those places where you have to wait for someone and then the TV is playing right in front of you?...well, that was my situation I got to see the pathetic video with meaningless lyrics..
although the artiste claimed to have put in a lot of hard work into it and I'm like..."sure coach, try telling that to people who make lyrical songs...duhhh''
As usual, all I could see them advertising was sex anyway, so I wonder why i believed he could say something NOT shallow/superficial

I don't know if I sound harsh oo, but I'm very passionate about music and I feel it shouldn't just be done's a powerful tool, and can reach the soul and heal...
Lucifer himself knew what he had...or rather What God gave him before He was cast down and so he knows the right strings to push etc..

we were watching Project fame the other day(pls dont say its joblessness and then there was this guy that pulled the crowd with his dance steps etc and even one of the judges had to stand and hail him about a "future concert" that we're not even sure about..#side not dissing the contestant oo, but i guess i was almost carried away myself till Didi or Bibi..pls chip in correction if you will (one of the judges) shunned the whole stuff and said the truth about the performance which i myself realized too.

All my momma could do was squint her eyes and.."ummmmmm...."
well, me?...i was like.."ouch...that hurt but i guess it's true"
And she explained that music was all about Lyrics and not just about performance. Music is so much more than performance and dancing etc..(Read your bible well enough and you'll see how much music was appreciated.)

It's good to feel the music but don't get carried away and this thing ministered to me in a way.

Just because someone is performing signs and wonders or doing lots of stuff that looks anointed doesnt mean He "is" or is IN God's will for his life, so like Simply mee will quote from the bible.."face your salvation with fear and trembling" cos your salvation doesn't depend on anybody but God. The man is a man of God, yes...respect him, but Jesus is the only one you should BE looking unto..the author and finisher of our faith..

Another thing is Stand for what you believe in, cos with some stuff i've observed these days, people will even quote bible to get what they want.
someone was saying something from the bible to me one time like that which was contrary to what i believed in and I had to tell him straight that.."see, even the devil used bible verse to tempt Jesus so..."
 anything that is falsely based on the bible and NOT illuminated by the Spirit should be checked and ask God to guide you. Even the bible says "the devil comes like an angel of don't expect one big looking monster or the Nigerian "Harry potters"...before you'll be watchful and Prayerful,

oh, and by the way, I got my old memory card and I found lots of songs in it including this Nigerian one that is becoming a favorite naija song of mine since i didn't really have one anyways...gosh, you guys should listen to has violin(i love songs which feature the instrument Violin and guitar or piano but can't play#sad face)
 and when i listen to this song, i'm like "why can't Nigeria produce more songs like this and get rid of those noisy ones that can make somebody have headache....mschewww
need I mention names?...nahhh..i guess we know them all..
whisphers***...."they are all around us.''
and so i leave you with Adol-Orin


  1. *grinning ear 2 ear* thanks for the mention spring.

    Ha! where will i begin nah ooo. Got so much to talk about!

    Oh yes! the proverb..m-e-hn! i do cringe anytime i read it becox i am guilty as charged sometimes! *covers face* The proverb is one of my fav reads, i sometimes jump that place becox i know it is talking to me shaa! ..ehehhe.

    ...ugly temptation?.. imagine the title sef! ... it makes no sense whatever! So sagging trouser is good if one has good backside and it is in fashion? jeez! *covers face in embarrassment!*

    The bible teaches me that lucifer is the master of deceit. If he was a monster physically, who will worship him. Lucifer is the most handsome angel GOD created, most gifted among the angels. his hair is spurn like gold, his eyes as crystal like the blue ocean, his voice sonorous like the wind, so he can appear as an angel of light to deceive the most learned in scriptures.Hence, the bible says, we should test all spirits.
    The Nigeria music has a long way to long as it has a catchy chorus, gbam! it is a hit. personally, i don't listen to them, unless like the scenario you described.
    KSB talked about nudity in music videos, that it should stop. But people are calling her names!

    1. LMAO!!!!!@covers face in embarassment
      LOOOOOOL @ , i sometimes jump that place becox i know it is talking to me shaa! ..ehehhe...
      oh simply meee, you are so funnnny!!!!
      as in naija music. ure so right abt that catchy chorus thing
      tanx simply mee fr dropping by.

  2. **passage of the day*
    Even A fool is considered wise when he holds his peace.when he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive" Proverbs 17v28

    I love this song ehn especially the keeps me on track.

    1. am glad u like d song dayor and its good to have u hia

  3. How can sagging be cool en? I just want to slap some sense into the agbalagbas i see who sag like c'mon, your brain is there for a reason #sigh

    SMH @Ugly temptation

    That passage of the day is making sense o.

    1. lol@making sense
      agbalagbasssss...thats what they shd call them..mscheww
      real smHH***@ugh temptatn

  4. sagging are for prisoners. simple. just like there are dresses one wears for , different occassions. you dont wear a dinner dress to the movies.
    I love the song but i think they should have made the violinist more real. Like i could tell right away that they weren't really playing the violin.

  5. yea...dy didnt really allow d violin playing to look real i agree with u
    yes oo.., i hrd twas those days wen prisoners hung themselves with their belts and so they decided to seize their belts hence sagging of trousers

  6. If you are not deep, you can't give deep answers, period! Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. The world is decaying at an alarming rate, that we need the Grace of God not to be swept by this cruel tide.

  7. Wise words o. We have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason. Silence is really really powerful.


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