Saturday, 25 August 2012

whose report shall you believe?

"What do you hear?'' the old woman sitting on the old rocking chair asked her grandchildren who had surrounded themselves around her to listen to the moaning voice in the distance which seemed to pierce the dark night.
"A sad tune'' one mentioned
"probably someone crying.''
"must be a sorrowful woman''
"or someone in pain.''
The Old woman shook her head slightly and smiled. "don't be in a hurry to answer. stop whatever you're doing, keep your heart focused and concentrate on the interpretation of the voice.''
still, none of her grandchildren were able to detect what the distant moans meant and it began to subside into the night.
"well?'' one of the children asked looking up at her with huge eyeballs. ''what is it?''
"A mother was singing for her child, in soft moans because her baby wanted a lullaby.''
"it sounds sad...'' one frowned
"well, not my idea of a lullaby.'' another protested. ''how do you know anyway?''
"because i know, and I've been in this world longer than you think or know.''

This short story illustrates how we see things so differently from How God sees things and yet He sees and knows things better than we do but we refuse to acknowledge it most times.
there are so many Lies we allow ourselves to believe and thats because We don't know the Word
If We knew the word, we wont allow anything or anyone to draw us away.

1.the world
2.the devil
3.the media(can also be classified under the world too)
4.Our flesh

All of the above tend to draw us away from the truth and so we end up listening to Lies. We end up believing what the world or the devil or the media calls us whereas, the only One whom we're meant to believe is Jesus-The Truth. What He says about us is the only relevant thing in this life..., is the only thing thing that matters and is the only thing that can make us move on in the path set before us.

Never believe what the media calls you.

As far as the Truth is concerned, we're just a container, a covering, the real deal is Who we are inside, What we can do and undo when no one is looking and how you react when under pressure.

The world may classify individuals as fat, thin, slim, tall, short, pretty, ugly, incapable, not good enough etc

The devil thinks you're not worth The sacrificial death of Christ and your flesh might not even like your present container but Hear the truth...your container(body) is not you.

Jesus didn't die for a container, He died for who you are...and who He sees by the time he's through with you.
Check the word and you'll see so many precious names he's given you, he calls you and how you are dear to him, regardless of how you came to Him or what you had or didn't have

Jesus said.."a man's life does not consist of his material belongings-Luke 12v15. and its true because when those things fade, and you haven't been storing for yourself treasures up in heaven, then its a sad story.

I had an encounter with someone who talked God with me and I left him feeling hungry for more cos I began to feel I still had so much to know cos God is just too overwhelming to grasp, put in a box or comprehend and he was so excited talking about God.

The world could see a Jesus freak...probably

The media might not even want to associate with him most especially if your "God talk" is getting too much and you say it's the reason why you even exist in the first place.
The media wants to sell and so they display whatever will make them sell...that is, what the world wants and it doesn't matter what length they go to get it or who even gets hurt.
Think i'm bluffing?...check out little children pulling stunts that you and i were not bold enough to do at our age when we were younger
or rather, things that would make you lift an eyebrow in the past as "odd" is now being seen as a norm

The devil, am sure hates the sight of him and wants to rid him of such Joy He has found in Christ and his daily walk with God
but I saw him through a different yet truthful perspective

To me, He was one of the richest men that existed. He had God and didn't care what anyone said or felt about His faith. He wanted to know God more.

He talked about God in a way that would make you feel you were missing a lot if you don't take your faith seriously.
He believed He existed ONLY to know Christ and in his occupation, his daily work and plan, that was his main purpose in know Christ more and more!..Wow!!

A man of God once said.."I can't envy you because of your material possessions or wealth, rather I can only envy you if your love /passion for God is greater than mine or rather has reached the degree where i pray to reach and more.''
He might not have said it in the exact way I put it, but for better comprehension, I put it that way.
And with that statement, I knew there was nothing worth more than serving God and Loving Him with everything within me cos that was all that mattered.
Anything outside Christ would be a total mess...

and so, whom would you rather stick with? your independence(believing you can do all by yourself) or total dependence on God?


  1. I believe the report of the lord... his strength is made perfect in my weaknesses...

  2. Preach it sistah!
    Whose report can we believe....singing with Ron Kenoly.
    HE says i am beautiful!
    HE says i am healed!
    HE says i am a success!
    HE says i am blessed!
    HE says i am favoured!
    HE says i am HIS sacred possession!
    HE says i am gifted!
    HE says, HE loves me.

    GOD'S talk? yes, i have come across that phrase....some people don't want to hear about there is a GOD. I remember someone asked my BIL in UK, what has your GOD done for you, that my govt has not done for me?

    The media is not helping for some churches nko?
    GOD visits everybody differently...HE is omnipresent and omnipotent. It is like the body, are all the parts of the body not useful and important? We are all gifted differently, to achieve the SAME goal...PERSONAL SALVATION & RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, TO DINE WITH HIM WHEN THIS WORLD PASSES AWAY...through HIS GRACE & MERCY.

    Tnx for this post xxx

    1. #hugging u as always#...always on point..
      next time someone asks that person..., tell Him/her that Your God has assured u a place of rest with him and inside which his govt cannot provide..does he need further evidence, he should read the news..and see how much has gone down in all our sector
      Can his failing govt assure Him of his afterlife while they're still unsure about theirs?
      didn't think so either**lool
      yes...and even the church that is meant to help out is not, and some are straying and so many false teachings, religious activities without personal relationship..
      May God help us all...amen

  3. I did a post on 'whose standard?' sometime back

    choosing to live by the standards of people and the world would only live to frustration.

  4. Awesome post. Me minus Christ? Just a hot mess.

  5. I pick total dependence on God anyday, any time. He owns the very breath in our bodies. The minute He says it's over, it is. Thanks for the reminder to fear God.

  6. Wao, this post just goes with everything I've being learning recently. Thank you.

    1. you're welcome 31st chain. am glad it could

  7. This was totally in tune with what i read on Dayor's blog and again, even when i don't always understand it, i choose to trust HIM!

  8. (Y) Totally depending on him and trusting him is key!

    1. Key to everything in Life babes!..glad u cld stop by

  9. great post as usual.

    this reminds me of a song by casting crowns.

    The chorus goes something like

    the voice of truth tell me a different story
    the voice of truth says do not be afraid
    the voice of truth says this is for MY glory
    I will listen and obey the voice of truth
    Jesus is the voice of truth

    Different voices try to tell us different but like the song says I will listen and obey the voice of truth.. JESUS

    1. its like we have the same mind
      wanted to post the video bt since my post is long and etc, tot i'd rather skip it

  10. yay! thanks for removing the verifying thingy :D

  11. Blessings.....
    Powerful piece...
    thanks for sharing.....

    have a blessed day

  12. good piece to start the week with, just saw this...thanks for sharing, Gods report anytime and day.


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