Friday, 25 January 2013

Traffic Lights


Have you ever wondered at the way God links things together in your mind and the light bulb just pops up and you know this is something extra-ordinary?

Imagine a road without traffic lights.

I grew up in a neighborhood close to the University of Lagos for many years as a child and I do remember there was a particular junction that lacked traffic lights at that time.
Believe me when I tell you it was horrible getting to the other side of the road where the two roads meet.

At a time like 7:30 to 8am when you need to get to school, that junction is as tight as the word itself and you could spend an hour on that particular road.

What was the reason for all the lateness and drama? Commotion

That junction lacked something. It had a man who tried to control the movement of cars trying to get to the other part of the road at the same time. Imagine a crossroad linking four different routes just to take one route leading to the university road!!

Such great commotion!!

And some years later, I’m back to that neighborhood and there’s just something different this time around.

It was so obvious

It had traffic lights

And right there, just right there at that moment when I saw the ease traffic lights provided, the light bulb came up.

That is exactly what the Holy Spirit does. Without him, life would be total chaos

Commotion and misdirection everywhere

A little fight here and there, coupled with all sorts of verbal assaults.

You could spend so much unnecessary time trying to get across a very important junction whereas, if you had the Spirit or paid attention to Him, you needn’t spend your whole life on the bus stop.

The HolySpirit is our traffic light
We refuse to obey and we end up facing the consequences.

I remembered a movie I watched a while back and it explained it further.
The Matrix
Two different worlds.  The matrix was the world they could do wonders (the computer) while they were plugged to a certain source that provided that ability.

That plug had better not be removed cos you’d die.

Some people died in the matrix when their plugs were removed.

The Holy Spirit is your plug. You just have to stay connected or you’d die. Period!

I guess that was what probably happened to me. I paid attention to the flesh. It happens though.
Jesus cried. ‘’Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani..meaning “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’’Matt 27v46

The flesh cried out at that moment of his life.
So did mine in my last post.

and do not be drunk with wine which is dissipation but be filled with the Spirit” Ephesians  5v18
I have the best thing I can ever have in this life. I have Jesus in me and I have to keep telling myself that!!
that you put off concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind and that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness’’ Ephesians 4v22-24

Its so easy to be like Peter. You’re walking on the water and then you see everything looking so overwhelming forgetting you have someone who’s there to hold you when you’re drowning.

You don’t need to struggle

Just look up to him.
And never get disconnected.
Never drop your gaze from his
And always obey the traffic light.
But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts’’ Romans 13v14
So not easy, but by God’s grace, I’ll walk in the light Christ has provided. In your light we see light

PS: For the wonderful people who checked up on me and showed me what a hug or hugs are all about in my last post, I Love you. I really do. Your hugs warmed me up and showed me the meaning of friendship.
Krazan, northern girl, sykik, toin, tomi, lola,dayor, ibhade, feyi, aloted and che
Your words were like honey drops.
Feyi, your music prescription was wonderful. I think you should be a music doctor..xoxo


  1. "In Your light we see light" -.Word! Major prayer is may we never be unplugged from the Holy Spirit.

    Lol @ music doctor. I'll consider it only if u wl be the matron in our clinic :-D I'm all kinds of excited that the song was good 4 u.

    Bless your heart dear.

    1. hahaha@matron in clinic..LMAO
      jor oo..lool
      amen..tanx so much feyi..xoxo

  2. I like the line where you said "you see everything looking so overwhelming forgetting you have someone who’s there to hold you when you’re drowning" . If only we can learn to keep our eyes focused on Jesus.

    I am glad you are much better now.

  3. ahhh, traffic lights!!! sometimes you get frustrated when you're rushing and it goes all red on you, but if you disobey and jump the light it may be fatal... or you have lastma to deal with, delaying you further. Thank God for His Holy Spirit that directs us... It's hard/frustrating at times,especially when He tells us to wait, but it's all for our good, because disobeying only takes us through a longer and tougher route.

    1. hahahaha...
      i related this to d spiritual realm...nt literally
      hope i didnt miss it sha
      tanx inyamu

  4. Hmm…if we only knew what God knew….*sigh*

  5. So apt on this, I'm glad I came by here today, sure glad :).

    I'm also happy you feel a whole lot better, I went back to read your last post and I felt the depth even though it was quite a random post. I could relate. Once again, real glad you see it all clearly.

    1. hugs****
      grateful fr d love jhazmyn!! mary mary sings.."i can see clearly now'' lool

  6. Late comment but this is a beautiful post. We all need the Holy Spirit. My life is literally one hot mess when I pull away.

    It is well dear.

    Much love.

  7. Lovely post.
    Trust you're doing great...:)

  8. Its amazing how the spirit connects things in your mind, it blows my mind.

    We def need the holy spirit to be our light to guide us to avoid the chaos the world brings.
    I'm glaad! You are doing good!!

  9. Hey Sugar, you have an award to pick up from my blog *hugs*

  10. Hun, everything about God always leaves me speechless when I think about it. Always leaves me all the more grateful and glad that He loves me

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  12. Hmm, I like this analogy. The Holy Spirit is very important in life's race

    Thanks for sharing


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