Friday, 5 October 2012

Versatile blog award and 7 randoms about meself**


Miss Relentless nominated me for this award and i must say i'm indeed grateful.
Thank you Miss relentless
ummm, who knew i was a versatile blogger huh?wink#
I think Miss Relentless has been reading too much of "Tales from an African Village" cos how else would you imagine a newborn with a perfect set of teeth?LOL...thats another Tanigororo Banigororo where the midwife took to her heels
who wont run anyway?

 Here are the rules for accepting the award:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated me
  2. Share 7 Random facts about myself
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
  4. Let the nominated bloggers know they have been nominated

7 random facts about myself
1. I Love God and it amazes me that not even all the knowledge and technology packed together can even match up to his wonders. i read the bible and when they say a nation is like a drop in a bucket, i imagine the earth suspended in His hands
You cant force anyone to Love God. only pray they see Him in the way He wants them to and goodness, when they become Jesus freak, you'll be the one telling them to mellow
that was what happened to me, i guess

2. i love music

3.i love movies and cartoons

4. I have a latin middle name and raise my eyebrows when people have to twist tongue to call the name..#sigh#

5. I just love some people's accents, some to laugh, some just for fun. i realized German names have consonants together hence the pronunciation..hehe..
e.g Wakovnikoff's rule, kirsten dunst etc

6. I love colours

7. sometimes, I like to be alone and think and when people don't get this, it gets on my nerves

So, here are my own nominees,  
p.s: most of my choices have been selected anyways,or rather have been given in times past and are not relatively new to blogging, but here it is
by the way, must they all be new to blogsville? #justasking#

2.  Feyi
6.  atary
7.  cee

thanks and xoxo


  1. good to know more about the lady called sugarspring...

    i am yet to claim my award from relentless builder

  2. Lovely to (kinda) be introduced to you Sugarspring... I love reading bloggers' 7/10/20 random things about me posts! :-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog xxxx

  3. Blessings and congrats....
    Have a wonderfilled weekend.


  4. Lol at the animals not knowing when you are not in the mood. So, what's your middle name oo?

  5. Yes what's d middle name,lemmi roll ma tongue around it.I'll try not to murder it.
    1 and 7 we have in common.

    And ◦ †нªηк'§ ◦ for the award.

    1. still not telling...#biggrin#
      and you welcome btw

  6. Oh thank you for the award Sugarspring. iAppreciate.

    Pls what's this middle name o? Lol at no 3...and number 7 is sooooo me. No1 sure reflects in your posts :)

    Good to know sth about you.

    1. you welcome
      coughin**sorry..still not telling..LOOL
      dont mind those silly animals jare. they just want to run and jump on someborry...mschew..

  7. The british accent is my fav. So prim & proper :D

    So whats that middle name jor. Just tell us already. I love colours too but the colour blocking fever hasn't hit me yet & I hope it never does.

    Ditto on your number 7 :)

    1. #shake my hand# the british accent was the exact thing on my mind. i may laugh sometimes but i like it. its so prim and proper..your exact words and i hate when some folks just fake it

      ehn want all the ppl i went to school with to locate me here abi..LOL
      aloted has managed to squeeze the thing out of me and she was like..."oginni?''
      i rephrased that, but something like "huh?''

      colour blocking?!...shall never infect me, for THIS too shall pass

  8. Goood to know more about you.. Yes oh, what's the middle name.

    Maybe next would be a picture *winks*

    1. picture ba? i dont want you guys to wear shades yet.#sigh#..yea...i know.

  9. hey hey... thanks for the award... Just saw it. Nice know'n you more... and you gass to tell me what u where Inbox me.

    1. hehehe...and ive gassa keep it in my heart alone..
      well, i might change my mind

  10. we know a few things about you..:)
    Thanks for the award

  11. I love the brit accent too, n d russians...there's something about the accent I love

    Tell us your middle name joor

    1. heheheh....not telling hunnie. i might leave a clue one of these days though cos with the way i see things, everybody wants to know what this name is..LOOL
      glad ur browser is berra now

    2. yea, the russian accent like in SALT..
      i love the spanish people's accent too

  12. Hey you. Congrats on your award. Indeed, you are a versatile blogger and you've made quite an impression in the little time you've been around. True talk! Hmmm, it's cool to know you love cartoons. I mimic Sebastian so well especially when my daughter's nearby. lol. And you've got a Latin name? Wow, pray tell us. Is it Shaniqua? Oh sorry that's Spanish (or Mexican?). It's nice to know more about you though.

    1. aww thats so cute for your baby girl..Finally someone knows who sebastian is! i thought i was the only one who loved cartoons like this on blogsville.

      shaniqua ke?!!!!..LMAOOOOO!!!>.jooor oooooo, it's Latin o, not.... ..(i don't know the part of the world where that name comes from sha)heheh. but it sounds like a black american or mexican name to me

      thanks for the compliment Geebee. iAppreciate

  13. Thanks dear for the award.. Please tell us the latin middle name oo.

    1. you welcome hunnie!
      hmm, might leave a clue on that later

  14. Thanks Sugarspring for this. And you are right, this is my 2nd award but I promise not to write down the same 7 random things when I do it. I might not do it right away but I will do it as soon as I clear some stuff out of my head that have been percolating in it since my book signing! I hate to be so unoriginal but what is this your Latin name now?

    1. hehehe!!! cracked me up at your last statement. dont worry, you're not unoriginal, you're UNIQUE and so is everyone else who has been here to make my day.LOL
      i can like to think about your request or rather pray that by the time i'll be posting another topic, you guys would have forgotten #biggrin#

  15. Thanks a lot for the award.
    so you're not going to tell us the middle name huh? not fair

  16. I like dogs too! but only when they are puppies lol. Thank you so much for the award nomination! :)

    1. yea...d pups are the cutest, most especially the ones that have hair covering their droopy eyes and you have to pull the hair away admire their eyes...
      so cute :)
      u welcome

  17. congratulations!
    found out we have things in watching films and cartoons.
    I LIKE dogs, but too lazy to take care of them.

    1. LOOL...abi na
      yup...taking care of dogs is work oo simply mee.
      thanks for stopping by.was beginning to miss u here #biggrin#

  18. I love to be alone too.
    I find I have to explain that to others often so they don't take offense to it.


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