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A different Perspective on 9-11-2011 By Stan Butler

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On 9-11-2001, 2,976 people lost their lives when the hijacked planes flew into the twin towers, the pentagon and a Pennsylvania corn field. It was horrible. It was at first unbelievable. It was an attack on America by an enemy. The enemy was found to be Muslim terrorists, and it was war being declared. It hurt every American to the core. It made us angry at this senseless loss of life. 2,976 lives snuffed out, many of which went out into a Christ-less eternity. Since that time, steps have been taken to see that attacks or deaths of this magnitude hopefully will never happen again in the United States.  Every year on the anniversary of 9-11-2001, the news media, large corporations, small businesses, civic organizations, and yes…even churches make a big ado about what happened on that date.
Absolutely nothing can be done to change that tragic day and its events. But there is something that’s happening today and every day that we can do something about. There is something happening today that we can change. See if you don’t agree.
We aren’t hearing enough about another war that’s being waged. What we aren’t hearing enough about is the magnitude of loss of life daily by another enemy. Satan kills on average: 6,744 people each and every day in the U.S. alone. That’s not making people mad, especially Christians. That’s not shocking people as the loss of life on 9-11-2001 did. But that’s 2,461,560 souls each year slipping out into eternity and most without Christ. That’s 27,077,160 souls since 9-11-2001. Where is the Christian outcry? Where is the Christian concern? Where are the steps being taken by the church to see this doesn’t happen?
I ask you to honestly answer these two questions: 1) When was the last time you or I asked a total stranger if he or she was a Christian?  2) When was the last time a total stranger tried to share the love of Jesus with you?   Then I ask again: Where’s the Christian concern. What is it going to take to get God’s army to go to battle?  How many millions have to die without Christ before Christians will speak out for Jesus and try to win this battle?
All those that died on 9-11-2001 went to work that morning thinking that it would be “just another day at the office,” so to speak. The same holds true for the cashier that checks you out at the grocery store each day. The same holds true for the waitress that serves you a bowl of beans at the restaurant. What if you were the last person they spoke to before going out into eternity? What if they went out into eternity without Christ? Would that cause you concern?
I’m asking those that read and “hear” this perspective to make a commitment not to pass up the opportunities that God gives us to witness. I’m asking those that hear this perspective to pray that God will place people in their path that need to hear the message about His dear Son, and then I’m asking them to pray for increase. That’s my perspective on 9-11-2001.


  1. This is one part I'm praying and working on. I pray he continues to help us all!!

  2. Wow! I wasn't expecting this. May God help me.

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  3. Wow, I have never reasoned it this way. I really need to brace up.

  4. Thanks for helping to spread this message of sharing the gospel.

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