Monday, 30 April 2012

my belated easter story

Just as the title says, I should have done this a long time ago, but I guess I don’t have any more excuses.

As you read, stay blessed

            She’d been curled there for days, no water, no food and so when the cell gates were opened, she thought she had reached another reality of life especially when the sun rays splashed into her cell room almost bringing back to life what had been dead. Still crouched with chains on her hands and feet, she was hurled to her feet by the same guard who saw to her misery day and night ensuring that her relentless spirit broke and that she was tormented.
           Afterall, she had been kept here for so long, enslaved by the passions of her flesh hereby allowing the cruel beast to automatically be her master

Was it possible for death to take her, why wouldn’t it take her now? Why did she have to go through so much torture and pain, feeding on agony and sorrow each passing day?

Was this her eternity?

Was she going to be subjected to this forever?

          She couldn’t tell how long she had been locked up in that cruel cell where skulls and bones were the ornaments that decorated the building, rats and rodents feeding on things they could feast their teeth upon.
Clothes tattered, legs worn from paying for a lifetime mistake and breath reeking of stale food given to her three days ago could not explain how undesirable and worn out she looked. One would think a live garbage was walking on the street as she was dragged again from the cell. For days, she stayed in darkness, wallowed in it and her eyes had become so adjusted to it that the sun seemed to scorch and pierce every part of her, as if eating into her flesh and she screamed in pain when the guard hurled her across the road once more. She had fallen to the floor and he was irritated by her balkiness.
          “get up you bag of bones!’’ he growled and jerked the chain towards him making her fall like a heap once more. When he jerked the chains the second time, she angrily spat on his face. Her act did not go uncompensated and he raised his thick callused hands and hit her. Several blows followed and she cowered again.
It was at this point she thought she was going to give up the ghost
“that’s enough!’’ someone yelled from afar.

               He stopped but still writhed in rage cursing and bellowing, at the same time swearing that after the court session, she was going to see his full wrath unleashed on her.
Mirah’s head snapped up. ‘’court session?’’ she choked. Was her case going to be decided once again? Was someone kind enough to bail her out from this misery after so long. Could it be momma or papa or a kind relative who had suddenly remembered her?

              It seemed like hours before they finally got to the courtroom and even when she wasn’t a sight to see, she was made to stand before the judge of the highest court. That same judge had sentenced her to death due to her horrible sin and atrocity. That was the rule, that was what she deserved and yet, he still found her case worth considering again.
         What would prevail this time? 
She looked around and didn’t see anybody of her family line. No one to bail her out and she began weeping uncontrollably.
She couldn’t even look into the eyes of the judge. His eyes she could not behold. She had betrayed him. She had taken sides with the enemy and became his enemy automatically. Now the enemy she listened to and took sides with years before had suddenly turned against her and tortured her day and night.
       Oh what poor choice she’d made and there was no atonement.
She had been subjected to everlasting torment
Her chief tormenter came proudly before the judge and presented his case, looking at her disdainfully like he wasn’t the one who had pulled her into it the first place and promised her so many things afterwards and she had been so easily deceived.
Just to be facing the consequences
            “She has been sentenced my Lord.’’ She could hear him gloat. ‘’that’s your rule isn’t it. The soul that sins shall die. Surely you’re not a man that should lie, and you can’t go back on your word either. Because if I do remember clearly, you’re a man of your words.’’
        ‘’blood is required.’’ the judge said quietly still looking at Mirah as she stood sagged on the podium where her eternity seemed to depend on the ultimate decision that was about to take place
Her tormentor laughed. ‘’ah…, yes indeed my Lord, her blood is required and I have it already.’’
‘’but who is willing to pay the price for this worthless bag that her soul decays already. The blood of goats, rams, and the rest wouldn’t even be enough before she goes back to her old ways again. She belongs with me.’’ He cackled and Mirah broke down sobbing heavily. She knew begging wouldn’t do anything for her at this time.
It was too late.
The guard marched towards her and grabbed her chain again and was about to pull her out when the judge shook his head.
“that child is mine.’’
Her tormentor frowned. ‘’not anymore. That was changed a long time ago.’’
‘’blood is required.’’ He looked into her eyes then. ‘’ And so, take mine.’’
“that’s impossible!’’ her tormentor screamed, seething with rage.
And right before Mirah’s eyes, the almighty judge that had decided her case years ago became mere man right before her eyes but his eyes still sparkled with that same fervor and love she’d never knew was there before beckoned to her and at that moment she knew there was going to be an exchange
‘’this is unbelievable!’’ the tormentor kept bellowing almost running crazy his face contorting into a beast-like form. ‘’the blood of God over this mere human that defied your wish?!’’
“I’m reconciling her back to me.’’ He walked towards her and lifts her face to his. ‘’I love you.’’
She shook her head still In tears. ‘’please, don’t do this. I deserve it. you’ve done nothing wrong, I was the one who disobeyed you.’’ She held his hands. ‘’you don’t know what I faced there….’’
‘’and what more you’ll face if I don’t go.’’ She looks into his eyes and sees tears strolling down his face. ‘’this is the only way I can reconcile you to me. I’ll be back for you, I promise.’’

        It was at that moment he kisses her and the entire burden she’s ever felt feels lifted away. All the pain and torture of so many days suddenly dies and then she opens her eyes and released he had taken everything upon himself.
Out of shock, she repels, seeing him look the way she had looked when she entered the courtroom and looked at herself, looking refreshed and different.
“Take him away!’’ her tormentor screams. ‘’He asked for blood!..., then we’ll definitely take his.’’
And all Mira could so was break down in tears as they carried her savior away, beating him and pulling him with chains the way they had done to her not so long ago.

To be continued…….


  1. Very touching indeed. The power of salvation...

    1. as in eh..sometimes when i forget how awesome the power of salvation is, God makes me realize its so much more than what i think it is!!!!

  2. HIS atonement for our sins can NEVER be over-emphasized!

    We are ALL sinners! Redeem by HIS blood.

    And we make HIM go through the same process everyday, when we sin, because ALL our righteouness is a filthy rag before HIM!

    Weldone sugarspring, a salvation story told with love and passion.

    Happy workers' day sister.

    oops! nearly forgot...this is my

    Let me know yours, by dropping a line.

    1. thank u so much ma, i always appreciate ur comments!!!
      and as for the salvation story, if only God could open our eyes to see how much he did for us, how much we were worth for him to offer his son's blood as an atonement for our sins, we would thank him each day cos we have no say at all, except in Christ.
      he made it possible to have a second chance

  3. nice already waiting for the continuation

  4. I am humbled with this piece. waiting for the continuation.
    Best wishes dahling.

  5. i love this... :)
    your expression of Gods atonement for our sins is very well put together here...i never really thought of it in this way.. its deep and touching.
    We sometimes...sometimes ke?...we ALWAYS forget how worthless we would have been if not for this just ONE..ONLY ONE single act of love..we need to be constantly reminded...

    P.S you should consider developing this concept into a movie script!!! twud be a totly awesome

    1. Babay!!LOOOl...its so good to have you hear girlfriend and thanks for reading and the comment. i appreciate it.xoxo!!!
      and yes...We always Forget!!!May God give us the grace to keep remembering what He did for us on the Cross


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